Visualize it, Speak it, Feel it — 3 Steps to Creating Anything You Want

The last few weeks I’ve been talking to you about self-appreciation. You've learned how to be the watcher of your mind and identify self-critical harming thoughts and counter them with positive mantras and self-affirming affirmation. Heck yeah! ❤️  

So one of the amazing things about these tools is that you can use language to change the reality of your life. You can manifest just about anything you can think up. Sounds pretty good huh?

It’s not magic, its psychology and I have used these tools and techniques on myself and with so many of my clients so I can tell you it REALLY does work.

If you think about it anything you have ever done in your life was because you believed that you could. At least somewhere in that beautiful mind of yours. The more powerful you believe the more likely you will stay the course and make it happen!!

Let me give you examples:

I wanted to be a therapist, a life coach, a practitioner of NET, a yoga teacher and retreat leader and somewhere inside of me I had to believe these were all possible for me in order to take the actions necessary to accomplish this. I believed it and so I did it. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t have my doubts, but the stronger I believed in my ability the more easily they came to me.

Think about what YOU believed you could do before you did it? Write down at least 5 things. I bet there are waaaaaay more. Keep adding to that list. It helps to see the evidence of what your mind has already created because of thoughts you truly believed.

You have to believe you can do it first. 

Powerfully manifesting without much self-doubt and obstacles takes practice but it feels darn good and truly the wildest life of your deep desires and longings can totally be lived by YOU 😀 once you get these skills down.

Let’s go Navy Seal Style to accomplish YOUR mission totally doable and Masterful Manifester Maestro now with these 3-steps:

Use this 3-step exercise to help you create what it is you desire. You’ll learn how to harness the power of your senses to get just the energetic vibration flowing that you need.

I will use two examples to illustrate the steps for you: 

Example 1: Elena. Remember my coaching client Elena from last week? She used to look for love in all the wrong places. Our coaching is centered upon her desire to manifest a healthy, happy, sexy, deliciously supportive and crazy-in-love relationship. 

Example 2: Me. Let’s use my example of taking and preparing for the practical exam to become a Neuro-Emotional Technique Practitioner (this is the best technique for changing mind-programming and patterns that are deep rooted and hard to get at with just thought work alone)!!!!

REMEMBER, just insert your THING here. It can be anything, a new job, a degree, another child, a move to a city you love, supportive friendships, a rocking bod, a newer and happier you. Anything! Cool?

STEP 1: Visualization

You have to be able to imagine what it is that you want to create in your life. 

Elena prepares for a date… 

Example 1: 

Before she goes she visualizes herself there. Instead of focusing on the fear (Eg. "I’m so nervous." "Maybe we won’t hit it off." "What if he doesn’t like me, or me him.") She keeps the images positive. Instead, she sees herself feeling and looking fabulous and loves the ambiance of the restaurant she picked. 

I prepare for the Neuro-Emotional Technique Practical Examination: 

Example 2: 

In preparing for the practical exam, I visualized having supportive exam proctors, I saw myself doing each 15 steps with ease and confidence, I saw myself at the end high-fiving myself for being so committed to learning this technique so that I could become certified and be the best of the best and help help help so many people in my practice with it! I passed by the way… this was many moons ago now, but I did it!

STEP 2: Speak it like you mean it. The power of your voice! 


Example 1: 

Instead of saying what you FEAR, focus on what your desired outcome instead. So for Elena's date in place of affirming self-critical and negative affirmations like, “I hope I don’t get super embarrassed and say the wrong thing.”


I am confident that I will find all the right words and have a great conversation that flows easily and is a lot of fun."

Example 2:

When I was talking with people about the upcoming practical exam, I focused on the outcome of passing that I wanted instead of the fear of failing. Instead of thinking, “I’m so nervous about this practical exam, I hate being tested while people watch, I’m probably going to fail.”

I said...

"I’m looking forward to being certified in a couple of days."

"I totally know this technique and can show this off in the exam." 

"They are going to sense my enthusiasm for the technique and I’m meant to do this and I know I can pass this!"

STEP 3: Feel it, sense into it… and don’t forget to breathe

Take 5 deep breaths and gently close your eyes. Hold the visual that you created in your mind's eye. Next, using all of your senses, conjure up the feelings of actually experiencing what it is you so desire.

Example 1: 

"There's a cool summer’s night breeze and the temperature is just perfect on the rooftop hotel restaurant I picked for the date, the couch is comfortable, the lighting creates just the relaxed ambiance that is warm and inviting. I am relaxed and confident. All the right words flow out of my mouth. I am excited and have positive expectations."

Example 2:

"I feel the satisfaction of being treated with respect by the exam proctors. I feel the warmth in my chest that comes with demonstrating my knowledge and my desire to help people with this technique that has so changed my own life and I know will change the lives of my clients. I feel grounded, confident and excited."

So, what is your one THING you desire that you'll be practicing these 3-steps to get in vibrational alignment to be a Masterful Manifester Maestro?  Hit reply and let me know.

These steps are so easy guys. You gotta give this a try this week. I'm telling you it will change your life forever, so why not try it now!

You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams.

You have the power to choose the content of what's in your mind. You can choose your thoughts. You get to decide to put your attention and energy on what you want to create. What you want will naturally be drawn to you when you do these 3-steps. It can and it will happen if you follow these steps.

Elena used to dread dating because she had a belief, “I always pick jerks, I’ll probably do it again,” and this is what kept becoming her reality. It’s just as easy for her to focus on what it is that she wants. So why not use your focus and your energy to create what you want? You are creating anyway, you are always creating. What did you create last year? What would you like to create this year? Create what you want. It's up to you. 

You can totally harness the power of your mind to become very intentional and create the life of your wildest dreams, or at the very least better outcomes, and more satisfaction and joy in your life!

3 Secret Sauce Steps to Creating Just About Anything You Can Imagine!

3 Secret Sauce Steps to Creating Just About Anything You Can Imagine!

Self-affirmations are a little different than the mantras we did last week because they can tend to be more specific to what goals and dreams you are creating and working on. They are specifically designed to helped you manifest and attract those dreams. I’m gonna give you the 3 steps just below.

What’s the one thing you want more than anything right now? Let’s design you some crazy potent self-affirmations to get you there!

I use these tools with my clients who want to lose weight, make more money, be more organized, realize a long-lost dream, have a thriving work-life and a kick-ass lifestyle they're in love with and so much more!

Powerful Mantras to Create Self-Appreciation

Powerful Mantras to Create Self-Appreciation

The first step to self-appreciation is to identify and be mindful of your negative self-statements (as we talked about in the last post.)

The second step in self-appreciation is to start replacing those negatively affirming self-statements with intentional positive affirming mantras.

Self-Appreciation: What Are You Affirming?

Self-Appreciation: What Are You Affirming?

Why is self-appreciation so important?

Well, in short do you want to feel irresistible about your life? Do you want to have big dreams, go for them and make them happen, do you want people in your life that truly see and appreciate you?

Ok, my friend this is where we have to start. Self-appreciation is the secret sauce to your delicious joyful life you deserve. It’s completely at your finger-tips.

Like I tell my clients if you are 100% committed to this work, you will make whatever you are committed to happen in your life. And you will get there without burning yourself out and feeling unhappy if you allow yourself some fierce self-appreciation.

The Key to Success is Always Courage!

The Key to Success is Always Courage!

So, what is the one thing holding you back from success?

FEAR. The dreaded feeling.

What do you need to solve for fear? COURAGE...

Every day I purposefully do something that scares "the you know what" out of me.

Because I am currently living in the French Riviera, that includes learning French, figuring out how to communicate about getting something delivered to my place, how to find the right light bulbs when all of them have burnt out, how to get my cell phone fixed, how to meet new people every day to grow my community of friends. Just to name a few.

I do something scary every day because I want to develop my COURAGE MUSCLE.

What Makes a Relationship Work or Not?

What Makes a Relationship Work or Not?

Relationships are what makes the world go round.

We need love to survive. You've heard of the experiment with the monkeys where they took some of them away from their mothers and put them in a cage with a mechanical mama monkey and left another group in a cage with their real mama monkey — who loved, feed and cuddled them.

The monkeys with the mechanical mamma died.

Whoa! The conclusion was they died because they didn't get the love and connection we all need to thrive. Poor babies. I hate that they did that to the monkeys, and I hope you don't mind me sharing to illustrate this point. ❤️ 

We all have an instinct to be connected and feel love.

The Universe is Always Conspiring in Your Favor.

The Universe is Always Conspiring in Your Favor.

The universe is always conspiring in your favor.

This is a thought I use on the daily. It has changed my life. And it can change yours too. 

No matter what happens in your life. The good the bad and the ugly. The universe has your best interest at heart. 

What if that were true? How would you feel different if you believed this thought? What’re you going through right now that you could see as the universe conspiring for your highest good? 

My friend is heartbroken. 

Just a few days ago she couldn’t see how she could ever feel good about this break-up, she loved him deeply. I cried with her, hugged her tight and spent many nights with her on my terrace in France just letting her talk it all out. I listened to her stories of love, joy, hope, disappointment, misunderstanding, pain and despair.  

I watched as she moved through the waves of emotions and was struck by her ability to be brave in a dark moment.

Emotional Courage

Emotional Courage

Your Badass Life is awaiting you.

What to do when hard things happen, or you want to make some scary changes:

Practice emotional courage. 

The worst thing that can happen in life is a feeling.

Take a moment and REALLY think about that. Oh and that 10 years relationship you had, the worse thing about it was a feeling. Isn't that crazy. We think it's all the circumstances, but it's actually the feelings. 

When you practice emotional courage, you can and do get through anything in your life because you are willing to feel any emotion. 

Got conflict? Need some skills? Peace out!

Got conflict? Need some skills? Peace out!

Are You in Need of Highly Effective Conflict Resolution Skills? We all are… :)

Too many relationship are suffering from conflict. It’s sad really because I see conflict as unresolved issues from one's past that get acted out with the person you love the most in your life. The conflict is almost always destructive to one degree or another. The problem is we are all just messy humans trying our best, but no one teaches you how to manage your mind, no matter what your brain has downloaded from you past experiences. You and your partner don’t need to be a victim to your patterns of thinking that were established when you were a child and you are not doomed to repeat those patterns, but you must understand and manage your mind.

Guilt-Free Downtime

Guilt-Free Downtime

Are you feeling guilty for reading this because you are “supposed to be doing something else right now? “

If you answered yes, you may be guilty of blurring your downtime with thoughts about what you should be doing? 

The common thought I hear over and over is: “I should be doing something else.”

I know this seems like an innocent thing to think. But I've found it's one of the trickiest, undercover, joy stealing, time robbing, relationship ruining, and health risking thoughts you can have. 

It pretends to motivate, it falsely promises productivity. But it’s a total lie. It actually does the opposite. 

When you think, this thought over and over, eventually it will take over your time and your life and even if you have free time it will never feel like that because you won’t be present. You’ll be too busy being stressed about what you should be doing and you will resent all of the time in your life being about “having to get stuff done,” and this my friends will lead to a less productive and joyless life. I’ve been there. 

Why Patience Isn’t a Virtue and Chick-Flicks Keep You in the Present Joyful Moment

Why Patience Isn’t a Virtue and Chick-Flicks Keep You in the Present Joyful Moment

Many clients will tell me, “if only I could have more patience in my relationship with my partner, or with my kids, or even myself, everything would be so much better.” 

The definition of patience is “the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like and the ability to tolerate delay.”

Patience, as it's defined above, sounds like a tall order to me. 

It sounds vitreous but also pretty painstaking and maybe even a little gruesome when it comes to relationships. 

What if there was a better way to relate than to practice patience?

Emotions as a Skill to Create Your Irresistible Life

Emotions as a Skill to Create Your Irresistible Life

One day she learned how to feel love no matter what…and you can too.

Do you know that right now you can feel exactly as you wish? 

When you learn to feel emotions as a skill, you can use them as tools to literally create anything you want in life! 

 What do you want to create? It can be absolutely anything. 

I decided I wanted to feel more LOVE in my life.

Lots of love for my life and the people in it. I decided to selfishly practice unconditional love. I know that may sound cheesy, but I don’t care because it works and it feels good. It’s not some airy-fairy kind of thing I’m talking about, it’s real emotion.

Best of Byron Katie

Best of Byron Katie

Have you ever felt like a stranger in a foreign land, or even in your own neck of the woods?

I've been in France for 8 months. It's interesting living in another country for so long and not speaking the language, ho hum... I'm taking French class by the way, but still struggling to speak. A lot of time I feel like maybe I came from another planet, maybe Venus, and landed smack dab in the middle of the French Riveria.

When Amazing Women Speak

When Amazing Women Speak

I believe that we all have special gifts to share with the world — that we all have a purpose, OR two, OR three. What are yours? Are you living in alignment with your authentic self, that true self beneath your personality, your persona, your roles and responsibilities in life? Do you have a great sense of meaning and depth in your life, in your relationships, and in your work? Well, you can! I firmly believe this to be true. I empower women to reconnect with their authentic self, so that they can allow that part of themselves to be the compass in guiding them in the direction of their greatest joys, passions and fulfillment. 

Say Goodbye to Sandra Dee, Your Inner Good Girl

Say Goodbye to Sandra Dee, Your Inner Good Girl

Your inner good girl could use some vixen.

Would you rather live your life pleasing and being the good girl, always saying yes, when you really mean no? Kinda like Sandy’s character from “Grease.”

 It’s actually “Okay not to be Nice all the time.”

If this simultaneously shocks you, but also give you a bit of a thrill, you’re in the right place and could use a little side of vixen.

Goodbye to Sandra Dee.

Was the lesson we learned from the movie Grease? You know the classic story? If not you have to watch it immediately and report back.

It goes something like this, “Good Girl Sandra Dee” has an innocent summer beach romance with Danny. They’re torn apart at summer’s end as she's to return to Sydney. In an odd twist of fate, Sandy ends up staying and randomly shows up at the same high school as Danny. This nice girl’s shocked to learn that Danny’s the school "bad boy," as he had played it cool and “nice,” to win her over that summer.

Sex & The City vs. Fear & Anger?

Sex & The City vs. Fear & Anger?

Are you afraid of being a doormat in your relationships? 

If so, you are probably a good-hearted person who gives so much of yourself, your time and energy in your relationships. But many times, you feel resentful when you don’t get that in return. You might even feel like a doormat at times. 

How the fire of anger and resentment take over the passion you once felt in your relationship

Anger and resentment can start to build, as you try and take care of your relationship as best you know how. You become over-scheduled, depleted and maybe even a little depressed. If this sounds familiar, you’ll relate to this vignette about Sarah’s experience and find that you can make positive changes, step by step, so that you can stop losing time feeling bad in your relationships and start feeling better and more in control today.

10 Ways To Say No Like A Pro Even When It’s Hard…

10 Ways To Say No Like A Pro Even When It’s Hard…

Time and relationships, including the one with yourself, are two of your most precious commodities. Treat them right, by practicing saying no when you mean it.  

Women are programmed to say yes.

As women, we tend to want to do it all. We are biologically designed to be caretakers. We’re taught to be “good girls” and that means taking care of people even at your own expense. We are told that it’s selfish to put your needs first.

We must and we can retrain our brains to be able to say no

How to Ditch Busyness and Produce Your Irresistible Life

How to Ditch Busyness and Produce Your Irresistible Life

Feel like you’re doing a lot and producing a little? Here’s why…

Busy does not = productive time spent.

When you feel busy, like you’re doing a million things, you need to stop and assess how you’re actually spending your time. You will be surprised.

I want you to be the Royal Queen of your time and Energy, so you can create and live your most irresistible life.

Relax, Your Lovability is Innate

Relax, Your Lovability is Innate

All you need is love. It’s so true.

All the happiness available to you comes directly from your ability to love and feel loved. And the best news I have for you is that you create the feeling of love within yourself, nobody else has that power over you unless you give it to them.

So, this is all about taking back your power. Taking back your lovability.

All too often you begin looking for love outside of yourself because you have forgotten a fundamental truth.

How Being a Time Snob Can Chill You Out Big Time!

How Being a Time Snob Can Chill You Out Big Time!

A Time Snob looks down on most of your obligations.

Lots of the time your obligations are just sentences you are telling yourself in your mind, appearing to be reality, until otherwise put in check. Under further investigation, many of your obligations aren’t even obligations. And even if they are, you are always choosing them, to do them, or not to.  

Thinking of your job, spending time with your partner, and paying taxes as an obligation kills all the joy and takes away your potency. You choose these things.