Let Go of Fear & Feel Irresistible to Yourself this Valentine's Day: Top Six ways Yoga Heals

6 Ways Yoga Heals

Do you find yourself feeling anxious, keyed up, battling that inner critic, having a difficult time making decisions, and/or feeling like you aren’t on the “right” life path?  Yoga can help.

Yoga is a great way to jumpstart your own healing journey. Healing never means the damage never existed, it just means that it no longer controls our lives.  Amen sister! Or as we say in Kundalini Yoga, Wahe Guru! -- (Meaning how AWE-mazing it is to go from darkness to light)!

I’ve worked with many over-giving, well-intentioned women who push through their body’s signals to slow down and rest, OR move and shake. There are so many demands on women these days to be everything to everybody. It’s easy to try and sweep our emotions under the proverbial rug, AND ignore our body’s signals, especially when our society values the "go, go, go" attitude toward life. Today, in my work with women and couples, I am passionate about sharing the key ingredients for creating long lasting health and wellness in body, mind AND spirit. I not only use talk therapy and traditional coaching techniques to help clients, I also use breath-work (pranayama), meditation, and gentle yoga movements to help clients reconnect their mind and bodies to reduce anxiety and stress, to increase confidence and wellness, and to help illuminate the sense of one’s “right” life path and clarity of mind. I also lead workshops and retreats to help heal the mind-body connection, so that my clients can truly flourish in life.

In my classes and workshops we focus on Self-Care, Self-Appreciation and Re-Connection with our True Self.  From this place we can start to Re-Member and Re-Cultivate our heart's truest desires. Soon you may begin to feel a stirring inside, and from that blossoms a feeling of being IRRESISTIBLE to yourself! Yahoo!!!! AND from this place, as if this isn't enough… anything becomes possible! 

My 6 top favorite reasons why yoga helps heal:

1. Yoga helps you stay connected to yourself. This cultivates your own inner wisdom, and helps you identify your wants and desires, so that you can put your own needs first. You may not believe me yet, but putting yourself first is the most unselfish and loving act you can do for those you love, and for yourself.

2. Yoga helps you to gain clarity of mind regarding your daily personal life experiences, and gives you the tools to manage and better cope with stressful situations.

3. Yoga can decrease anxiety and depression by helping you identify and move beyond negative inner-dialogue, and it naturally calms your nervous system so that you feel more grounded, neutral and peaceful. 

4. Yoga rebalances your body, by allowing you to become more aware of, AND release, tension that is stored in the body, thereby decreasing stress, improving chronic health conditions, and preventing illness.

5. Yoga helps you become more conscious of what you put in your body and the effects that these substances (food or otherwise), can have on you. This can lead to weight loss, and more balanced emotions due to better choices about what you consume.

6. Having a regular yoga practice can inspire you to RE-discover what matters most to YOU, what YOU love, and what makes YOU happy. Beware, you may have access to feelings such as peace, joy and deep gratitude, and a lingering suspicion that just maybe, anything is possible!  

Finally, as I hope you can see, yoga heals by helping you to reconnect with your inner-wisdom, your-inner teacher, your true heart’s desire, and your once, even forgotten dreams. Try yoga and say YES to yourself and everything that is important to you!

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Tiffany Goyer, MA, MFT, NET-Cert II, RYT-500, merges her vast education and experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Martha Beck trained Coach, Practitioner of Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) and study of Yoga Therapy to bring together a wealth of healing modalities to synchronize the body, mind and spirit. Tiffany holds two 200-hr. Yoga Teacher Certifications -- One in Kundalini Yoga from Yoga West, and a second in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga from YogaWorks. She has also been trained in LifeForce Yoga™, which is specifically designed for healthy management of mood. Tiffany utilizes this collection of yoga styles in Find Your Flourish™ classes and workshops, to inspire you to more easily master emotions, embody confidence, and produce positive lasting changes.