8 Ways Travel Heals!

8 Ways Travel Heals!

To create the life that you were meant to live, sometimes you need to get away from it all. I want to help you create a new perspective of yourself and your life, and the best way I know how to do that is travel. 

Travel heals by helping us to:

  1. fall in love with life again.
  2. appreciate who we are, away from our daily routine.
  3. appreciate the life we do have at home.
  4. take a step back and reinvent that part of us that is longing for change and growth.
  5. realize that we are all connected and use that connection to foster the relationship we have with our authentic core.
  6. slow down and listen to the voice inside that is our compass.
  7. get inspired, and to create.
  8. explore, relax, and relish in nature, new cultures, and food.

Would you like the opportunity to press the pause button in your life for some self-nourishment, and return home rejuvenated, inspired, uplifted and ready to take on an ever-present dream, or long-forgotten goal? Maybe you have always wanted to travel, but time has gotten away from you. Don’t wait any longer. You are worth it. Take time for yourself. Now is the perfect time to take that trip you have been putting off. How does the South of France sound? The Cote d’Azur is home to such famous cities as St. Tropez, Antibes, Nice, Cannes, St. Paul de Vence, and Monaco! 
You are invited to join us September 27, 2015 for the Find Your Flourish France Retreat. Let go of any lingering fears and anxieties that are holding you back from finding true transformation this year! We will journey to the South of France where all of your senses will be awakened as you soak in the perfect September weather and enjoy all that French culture and living have to offer. I appreciate the beauty of living in the South of France and how it helps one remember how to slow down and just BE, and really enjoy the simplicity of living. The photo above is a real image I took myself last year while visiting and enjoying just BEing and living in Antibes. So, we will stay in a beautiful private Villa in Nice, with panoramic views overlooking the French Rivera and the French Alps and, at night, the lights of some of the most famous cities. 
Come with us and we will:

  • greet and close the day with yoga and meditation
  • build a yoga and meditation practice that you can use in your daily life when you return home
  • build and dream with an intimate group of like-minded women
  • nourish your soul with time for relaxation by the private villa’s headed pool &  jacuzzi overlooking Cote d’ Azur and the city lights by night
  • explore a few of the famous cities in the south of France, and remember that anything is possible
  • have the opportunity to release persistent blocks to your dreams by working one-on-one with me during our private coaching sessions, and
  • be pampered by our private chef, and enjoy healthy (and delicious) meals as eclectic as raw food meets traditional French cuisine.

If this speaks to you, it may be because you would benefit from getting away from it all to reconnect mind, body and spirit. You are more powerful than you give yourself credit, so tap into that power and Find Your Flourish this Fall.

If you can picture yourself in the South of France this Fall, we’d love to experience this journey with you! Spots are filling up fast, so let’s connect soon! 

Come join us in France! Just click here to arrange for a 30-minute phone interview to ensure that this is the dream retreat for you!
A bientôt.