How R&R Can Help You Find Your Flourish: 6 Ways to Jumpstart your Self-Care

Rest and Relaxation are crucial components to a happy, healthy, flourishing life. We need time to press the pause button on our busy lives, so that we can replenish our energy, rest our body and mind, and renew our passions.

Listen to my interview here about the importance of R&R, the Find Your Flourish Movement and how to stay connected to your dreams and desires. 

Many of us go along with the busyness of life, and get so far off track that we wake up and wonder, “How the heck did I get here?” Or, we become burned out and stressed to the max and can even become physically ill, or experience anxiety and depression. Let’s not go down that path if we can help it.

In my Find Your Flourish Programs and Retreats we take time to cultivate your relationship to yourself so that you can REMEMBER what really matters to you, and what your true dreams and desires are, so that your true purpose and path in life is always so brightly lit that you couldn’t go astray even if you tried! 

Just take a moment to think about how you could show up differently in life for yourself or for those you love, if you were just rested and relaxed. How would your life be different, better, juicier, more meaningful?

Contrary to our culture's popular belief, it is not selfish to retreat, rest and relax; it is an absolute necessity. You can make small shifts in your life to learn how to incorporate rest and relaxation.

6 Ways to Jumpstart your R&R:

1)   Start right now. Take 5-minute breaks during your day! My favorite ideas include:

  • stretching in the morning before starting your day
  • getting up and stretching every hour
  • stretching again before bed
  • feeling the sun on your face
  • walking barefoot in the grass
  • laying down and doing some deep breathing
  • sitting and/or walking in meditation
  • taking time to pet your animals
  • journaling about what exciting things you want to see happen in your life in the next year and visualizing this happening!

2)   Do some form of relaxing exercise such as yoga, tai chi, chi-gong, and/or swimming.  Or, go for a leisurely walk.

3)   Take a nap.

4)   Plan a staycation.

5)   Take a vacation.

6)   Go on a retreat.

What other ways can you think of to jumpstart your R&R? What is one thing that you can do today to start to make time for rest, relaxation and self-care? Comment on this blog post.

Don't forget to listen to my interview here about the importance of R&R, the Find Your Flourish Movement and how to stay connected to your dreams and desires. 

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