Follow Your Passions and Not your Fears

Follow Your Passions Not Your Fears
Do you incorporate what you love into your work?

My recent guest blog on Psych Central got me thinking that I needed to share these concepts with you too! Click here to read, or below.

It seems that too many of us are on the verge of burnout. But I bet we could remedy that with some large doses of self-care, and by incorporating more of what we are truly passionate about into our day-to-day work lives? This may take a little thinking outside of the box...which usually means facing our fears. I know because it did for me. 

Last year, I decided to do something pretty radical.

I started the Find Your Flourish Movement and Retreats for Women. I am blending my passions for talk therapy, coaching, yoga, breath work, meditation, Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), and travel to help women transform their lives. This multi-faceted approach to my worklove (not a typo) has been invigorating because I am passionate in helping people on a mind-body-spirit level.

And, on September 27th, 2015, I have the immense honor and pleasure of taking a group of amazing women to the South of France for the Find Your Flourish France Retreat! A dream come true. If this sounds like fun, it's because it will be...why not join us? But I digress... 

I am sharing this message with you so that you might be inspired by my story; so that you might avoid burnout; and so that you can move in the direction of your deepest dreams and desires. 

It was not all sunshine and rainbows along my path. I was recently asked by some inspirational women to write a guest blog post for Psych Central on how I picked my passions over my fears. I hope it inspires you to follow your heart too. Click HERE to read, and remember, your dreams matter always.  

Also, I'm serious about France. If you have even an inkling of desire to retreat with us, and need to jumpstart your self-care and re-align with your dreams, let's talk. Just contact me here and let's set up a time to chat. Registration closes on August 16th and I want you to have the opportunity to be a part of this transformational experience. If you know someone that would benefit from this retreat please share this blog with them. They might really need just this healing right now. 

Tiffany Goyer provides therapy, coaching, retreats, and workshops from her base office in Sherman Oaks right in Los Angeles county.