Find Your Flourish France 2015: Getting Out of a Rut!

Guest post by Lisa Franzino! I am so honored that one of the ah-mazing women from the Find Your Flourish France Retreat 2015 took time out to share her experience! Thank you so much Lisa! Your passion for life and love touched us all...

Getting out of a Rut, deciding to Retreat!

In the summer of last year, I was feeling like I was in a serious rut. I had recently completed a Raw Chef training and knew I wanted to help people but I wasn’t sure how.  I was feeling very overwhelmed by my indecision and all of my options were creating a kind of paralysis. The invitation to join the Find your Flourish retreat in France came at just the right time. The week of the retreat along with some extra “me time” that bookended the trip allowed me to step out my own inner turmoil and get down to the basics of what I was/am really after: contentment, purpose, connection with others and confidence to do whatever I choose. 

Friendships and Community

The retreat was set in a comfortable villa perched atop the hills of Nice. All we needed was our clothes and personal affects and everything else was taken care of. That first evening, as the other women showed up, we all got to know each other. There was a nice group of strong, accomplished women — all on a similar path to find direction, connection and “flourish”! It was easy to see right away that we would form a deep connection with each other throughout the course of the retreat.  

Our days started off with a meditation, a delicious but light breakfast and then Tiffany led us in some Kundalini yoga exercises. Everyone was at a different level of fitness from yoga newbie to yoga teacher (I am a Bikram instructor) and the Kundalini was accessible and beneficial to us all. We then had “workshop” time where Tiffany facilitated a discussion around a theme and shared tools with us to help overcome, discover and unlock. These sessions were followed by an [at least] three course meal made by our own private chef, Magali. The afternoons were filled with exploring the French Riviera and the evenings with more delicious food, conversation and bonding with our new fast friends.

Food Heals
To circle back to the food, it was simply sublime. The dishes were all creative but simple in that they were made from whole food, seasonal ingredients. I am a vegan and mostly gluten free and others of us had various dietary needs, all of which were met with seamless incorporation. We all marveled at how easy it would be to eat this healthy if we only had a Magali at home. You were nourished and satisfied after every meal.

Tiffany, as our fearless leader, was born to do this. You can tell that she genuinely wants to help and has a unique blend of nurturing compassion, organization and attention to detail, uplifting spirit and informed confidence that makes her great at what she does. She seems to have an intuitive capacity that allows her to “get” you vey easily and therefore give you the tools and help you need as an individual — even within the group setting. It was amazing how quickly transformation started to take place.

I am Complete
By the end of the week, we were all feeling so grateful and a lot lighter. My takeaway, in addition to seven new great friends, was realizing that I am complete and content even in my own indecision and that by tuning into my own power and gifts, I will attract the right opportunities that allow me to share my unique abilities with others.

Sat nam,


Lisa Franzino is a huge-hearted, multi-talented woman with a flair for fashion, and an entrepreneurial spirit along with a set of angel wings. Learn more about her passion for cooking and "hope to help people transition to a plant-based diet so they can realize the health benefits and experience a delicious new way of living," at You can even get a few new recipes to try for yourself!  Also check-out more about Lisa's amazing photography skills at where the focus is on specializing in high-end, really cool virtual tours! Did I mention that Lisa is responsible for all of the lovely photos and footage from the retreat! XO

This is a photo taken of Lisa during our day trip to Monaco on the Find Your Flourish France Retreat. I can't wait to do the next retreat... Sign-up for more information, and check out more photos of the Find Your Flourish Women's Retreat in France HERE.  

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