Don’t Forget To Brush Your Teeth

Spending 10 minutes with your mind daily will result in big changes in your life and awareness.

I just had my free community coaching call and it was great! I love the time connecting with my larger community. One thing I’ve been noticing both for my clients, and for myself, is the tendency to fall back on the belief that “once I get it, then I’ll be set.” You do your thought work, you stop buffering, you take huge (or small) steps in your life and, at some point, you begin to operate from the belief that you won’t have to do this stuff anymore. You should be perfect at it. I teach this stuff and I still stall myself out with this belief sometimes. 

Managing your mind is a daily practice.

It's maintenance for your most powerful tool, your mind. We understand the that we need to take care of our bodies, but why not the mind? We know we are supposed to tune up our bodies, by exercising, eating better and getting enough sleep. We may not always do this, but generally, everyone agrees that taking care of the body is important. 

What about looking at your mind in the same way. Good mental health I believe is the most important. When we are NOT in good shape with our mental health everything else suffers. We can take better care of our bodies, and the ENTIRE rest of our lives when we have a healthy mind. Without a healthy mind we feel lost. 

Managing your mind is a daily practice..png

For example, ever tried hitting yoga class when you are feeling down or negative, it's a lot harder, right? Good mind maintenance makes taking care of the body and WHATEVER else is important to you so much easier.  What if you started to look at mind maintenance as your most important practice? Because it truly is the foundation on which everything in your life stands. How would your life be different if you took mind maintenance as seriously as you do brushing your teeth?

A balanced mind = a balanced life (even when things are hard)!

This is great news because it's so empowering to know and understand that you are not a victim of your circumstances, or how you feel about them. You have the power take an active role in your mind maintenance and you get to be the one who decides how you will think, feel, act, and what results you will get in your life. Your happiness or lack of it comes from within. And I will show you how to take control and create the life you want with mind maintenance. 

Knowing that your thoughts are optional and understanding how you have the choice to think the thoughts you want that will ultimately create your life,  is very different than DOING this kind of mind maintenance work every day.

It's one thing to know it intellectually, it's another thing to put it into practice and see how your life changes for the good forever. 

Our brains are incredibly smart and efficient and we really do want to stay in touch with them. To find practices that build our muscle on this skill. Once you do it enough, it becomes as normal as brushing your teeth. And just like teeth, your brain needs to be cleaned daily or decay will build up and get in the way of your day to day life. Making sense?

The two key skills I teach for this are: 1. The Thought Download (read here for more details on how to do a thought download) 2. The Model (read here for how to use the model)

This month I’m doing a 30-day challenge with my community and I invite you to join us! Every day, for 30 days, do one thought download and one model. That’s it. Depending on what you're working through, it can take under 10 minutes.

They key is DOING it.

Being in action on a new habit is the thing that begins to cement that habit in. More than that though, after 30 days you’re going to begin to have a whole different perspective on your thinking. Magic doesn’t happen in terms of your thinking becoming awesome all the time, but you begin to recognize and understand the power of intentional versus unintentional thinking.

I will be posting my own personal models (1 a day) so you can see how to use them. Join my new limited-time Facebook group to see my models. And I want to see yours! If you have questions, breakthroughs, things you’re learning let me know! I’ll be monitoring the page and replying daily during the challenge. It starts Wednesday (just in time for the holidays and a great preparation for the new year too), so don't wait, sign up today!