2018, Just the Best Year of Your Life So Far...

Every new year is a new opportunity to make this year the best of your life. Let me show you how.

Today is December 29, 2017.  And I'm going to tell you what I did in 2018… Make no mistake, I am not talking about what I did this year in 2017, I'm talking about what I already did in 2018, before the new year has even arrived…

One of my mentors Brooke Castillo taught me this. This is SO powerful that I want you to do this exercise with me.

So, here is what I did in 2018….

  • I started a successful monthly membership program and was able to serve 10x the number of clients I currently am able to.
  • I learned to speak beginners level conversation French, so that shopping and getting by in France was easier to do.
  •  I truly let go of people pleasing in it’s biggest and smallest forms once and for all so that I could be fully aligned with my true self. This means I let people be wrong about me and stopped trying to change their minds and spin my wheels wasting precious energy and time.
  • I did my thought work every morning no matter what.
  •  I spent quality time with myself and continued to honor and love myself. I practiced the ultimate form of self-care every day, by never beating myself up under any circumstances. 
  •  I stopped trying to make things work that were not working. I was able to say goodbye  and make decisions much easier.
  •  I no longer struggled with scarcity in the form of time or money. I trusted that everything would work out for me.
  •  I felt my life was irresistible, not because it was perfect, but because I had the sense that I was on the right path.

Ok, so now my mind is prepped, and I am already there. I already did this. This will make it so much easier for me to actually achieve these results in 2018. I sense it. I feel it. It’s in my heart and my mind. I believe and can envision that I am already there.

I am so proud of myself. I am so proud of my clients who decided to come along on this journey with me and heal their minds, bodies, and spirits. I am so proud of what we accomplished and so grateful for who we have all become in the process. What I mean by that is we've become more of who we “REALLY” are. Let's celebrate that!

I know I can ask my future self, the me who has already lived through 2018 how she did all of that. I can use that information to come up with a plan and commit 100%. Go big or go home kind of stuff...

Ok, now it’s your turn.

  •  Take out a piece of paper and write what you “DID” in 2018.
  • Outline the results you want to see in 2018, as I have done above. Come from the place of already having accomplished this in the "right here and now."
  • Ask your future self, the you who wakes up on January 1, 2019 how you achieve these results. Get specific. Make a plan, define your goals. Plan for what obstacles may come up and make a strategy plan for each obstacle. Go all in on your plan. Keep living from these emotions that generated the results that you got in 2018!

Know that you can do exactly what you said you would do.

Because you have already done it ahead of time in your mind!

You already felt the emotion that you would be feeling by doing what you set out to do. Let those feelings, the feelings of excitement and whatnot, that you created when you believed that you had already accomplished your goals, drive you.

Not the fear and doubt that naturally arises when we set a goal and have not yet accomplished it. Let your belief in having already accomplished these results drive you all year long.

Come back to what you wrote as a meditation. A meditation in knowing that you can do it. Because you CAN do this.

But, don’t take my word for it.

Try it for yourself.

Make the powerful choice of deciding ahead of time how you will feel when you reach your goals. 

Live from those emotions that you create when you know that your goals truly are possible and already as good as done.

At the end of the 2018 you won’t be surprised because you'll know that you were doing it all along. You made the roadmap, and you delivered sister, to yourself! 

Remember anything truly is possible. You just have to believe it.

Happy New Year dear friends. Together let's make this the best year of our lives so far. 

I can’t wait to see what you do in 2018!

Stay tuned for more on how to make this the best year yet. We'll be talking about this all month! XO