What Does it Mean to Find Your Flourish?

What Would It Look Like to Find Your Flourish in Work, Love, and Lifestyle?

People always ask me what "Find Your Flourish" means.

It means that you feel irresistible to yourself and you are living the life of your dreams. That may sound silly, or worse conceited, impossible, or undeserving but it's not... Simply put when you feel irresistible to yourself you are in a state of allowing your true nature to shine through all aspects of your life. There is nothing more confidence building than living in alignment with your TRUTH. And... YES, you can have the life you really want.  

For instance, I was recently in the French Riviera, preparing to launch a new and exciting program I can't wait to tell you all about AND getting ready for when I move and split my time between Los Angeles, California and Nice, France. Oh la la, you might say... I could never do something like that as your mind tells you a million reasons why that's just not possible for you. The truth is you have much more power over your life than you think you do. I'll let you in on a little secret it starts with your mind. Wanna hear more? Sign up for your free mini session here. I can't wait to share this with you.  

Why aren't we all living out our dreams?

First, we don't take the time to cultivate this sacred relationship with ourselves where we can even hear the stirring of our true callings. And second, even if we do, our minds immediately come up with a bunch of reasons why our dreams are just impossible.

I can help you manage your mind chatter, so that you can get crystal clear about what you want, gain confidence and that sense of irresistibility for yourself and your life so you can go after what it is you truly want and Find Your Flourish. Yeehaw!

When I got real with myself and started looking at what it was I truly wanted, I knew I had to move back to Europe. If I was feeling crappy and not so confident or irresistible I know for a fact that I would not have gone after this dream.

You don't have to move to France to feel irresistible to yourself (although, it's the perfect place to start to press the pause button and return to yourself and your dreams!), just ask my Find Your Flourish Retreat Alumni! :)

But you do have to slow down, sit with yourself, look at your life, and ask yourself:

  • What do I really want?
  • What is going to bring me the most pleasure and joy in all areas of my life: work, love & lifestyle?
  • What am I afraid to do, but deep down I really want to?
  • What am I afraid to change just because it's comfortable?

You deserve happiness, you deserve your dreams. 

In my Find Your Flourish Coaching Programs and Retreats we take time to cultivate your relationship with yourself so that you can REMEMBER what really matters to you, and what your true dreams and desires are, so that your true purpose and path in life is always so brightly lit that you couldn’t go astray even if you tried! 

Interested in hearing more about what it means to Find Your Flourish? See the declaration I wrote here.
(Or download a print friendly PDF version.)


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