Is Confusion Robbing You of Your Irresistible Life?

I believe every woman has the right to feel irresistible confidence, and remember and believe that anything is possible for her life. After all, that's the way dreams and goals become a reality. But we have to get past the confusion to identify, pursue and achieve those desires.

Is Confusion Robbing You of Your Irresistible Life?

If we stay in confusion, we stay stuck. We let life happen to us, instead of creating on purpose what we actually want.

Don't be fooled by your Confusion.

It presents innocently enough. "I'm just not really sure what I want, so I'll just put off making a decision about X," fill in the blank.

Fast forward 1 year, 5 years, 10 years later and boom, your life is created by default and you probably don't feel so great. Enter in more confusion. It's a nasty cycle. Don't beat yourself up though, because that never works, and just makes the problem worse. Again more confusion. Ghahh!!

Ask Yourself This

What are you saying, "I don't know," to? Even if you feel like you don't know, you actually do.

What is the Answer?

Imagine you know the answer to whatever it is that is blocking you from clarity. What is the answer? Imagine that your best friend has this same issue, what would her answer be? Imagine that Oprah has the right advice for you, what would she say? Don't stay in confusion and rob yourself of your ability to access and manifest your dreams. Life is too short, and anything really is possible! You just have to believe it

A Life without confusion?

So what would you be doing differently if you did not have access to confusion? Imagine if confusion just simply wasn't an issue for you. What would you know? Ponder this. Access your power. The answers are within.

Tiffany Goyer

With Brazenness,



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