New Moon Resolutions Offer 24 Opportunities for Renewal, Resolution, Reflection & Re-do

What's the Moon got to do with Resolutions?

24 Opportunities for Renewal, Resolution, Reflection & Re-do

Are you too busy to make Resolutions? Tried them and they haven’t worked for you? Then you are like most of the busy women I work with. Don’t stop reading; there is nothing wrong with you, I promise. Sometimes we just need to try a new and fun approach and stop beating ourselves up.

Come with me...

I’m a huge proponent of intentions and goal setting. It works for me and I’ve seen it change my amazing clients’ lives in massive ways. It’s a necessary process for a flourishing, purposeful, joyful life. That sounds good, right? I want what she’s having please. But how? Read on…

The Problem?

A year is a long time for any resolution. The great news is that we can make important shifts and changes in so much less time, usually less time than it take us to forget about a promise we made to ourselves, i.e., New Year’s Resolutions.

No banging your head against the wall this year ladies. It’s time to get on with that life you really want. You won’t regret it.

So what about trying a new solution?

New Moon Resolutions and Full Moon Reflections.

Sound cool? It is! I was introduced to this natural gentle, feminine and kind rhythm tracker through my practice of yoga, but you don’t have to be a yogi to partake. Many cultures around the world already do.

Here’s how

new moon new beginings.png

First schedule your calendar ahead making note of all the New and Full Moons. I know you're thinking you don’t have time, but try it anyway, this is your life we are talking about. And it will really only take 5 minutes. Do it right after you finish reading this. I’m serious, ok?

The New Moon is about new beginnings.

Use the New Moon to set your intention. Not harsh and masculine like New Year’s Resolutions like goals that we hold so tight we squeeze the joy right out.

The Full Moon is about contemplation.

Use the Full Moon to reflect on that journey, adjust accordingly, and plan for the month ahead. Take a look at the insights, gains, places for improvement, and re-focusing on what matters to you.

24 Opportunities for Renewal, Resolution, Reflection & Re-do

There are 12 New Moons and 12 Full Moons in a typical year. How exciting! Imagine how much happiness you can cultivate when you take some necessary time for you, to press the pause button, be fully present with yourself and take your dreams seriously. Rather than one chance at this goal thing, you can have 24. Plenty of opportunity for triumph, and perceived failures (aka re-do's). It’s so much more realistic.


Accept yourself where you are right now. Acknowledge yourself. Your uniqueness... How far you have come, even if you feel stuck right now... AND…

Imagine how you want to feel next year? You can go there, you can! You can move towards that feeling you desire... of love, freedom, joy, abundance, self-honor, etc.

Not sure about writing goals or where to start? For more insights check out my video blog called, "The 9 Essential Tips to Making Your Dreams a Reality."