Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions

Light Bulb: No Such Thing as a Right Decision

I think there’s no such thing as “right” decision.  The recovering perfectionist in me wants to believe there is. That with enough time, research, assessing and over thinking I can make sure that I make the most right decisions I can.  

And the deal is I’m slowly, learning to re-define how I think about a “right” decision.  Of course I want to be aligned with my integrity and spirit. 

Where I go a little haywire is more from my ego side of things, where I want to be sure every decision I make turns out wonderfully, is successful, flows, and only creates positive outcomes. But, most choices in our life contain great things AND challenging things.

Questioning Things

With my old definition of the “right decision” I spent a lot of time in indecision.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to question things and to do your due diligence research wise. The actions themselves aren’t the problem, it’s the tension driving them. When you’re so concerned with making the “right decision” it can sometimes lead to no decision.

And so into my world a new definition of “right decision” has been born.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I want to do it?


  • Will I learn something from it?


  • Does it energize me?


If I answered yes to these questions, "I’m totally in."  

Will I feel scared? Will I stumble? Will I make a different decision down the line? Maybe.

What do You Desire? Do that... & So What?

But here’s the deal. So what? Right decisions have nothing to do with outcomes, not really, and have everything to do with desire. That they create a great outcome is awesome, but not necessarily an indicator of a decision being “right.”

A Friend Decides to Leave Corporate America

I have a friend, for example, who worked in Corporate America for 20 years. A few years before she left she was asked by a leader why she wasn’t applying for a more senior role that was open. It’s likely she would have had the support if interested. She had declined the opportunity. From the outside you might look and think this was a bad outcome she created for herself, not the “right decision.” She took herself off a track for potential promotion and halted that career trajectory. Brazen move!

In her case, when she answered the three questions for the NEW definition of “right decision,” her choice was based on the fact that she didn’t want to do it and it didn’t energize her. Yes this led to a lot of change in her world. Lots of our choices do. She rode those changes into an entirely different career in a different industry that makes her heart sing! Victory!

Consider that maybe the case is that there is no “wrong decision.”

That every choice we make teaches and helps us grow. And free yourself up to explore the different roads of your life.

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