Refreshing Look at Self-Care

Refreshing Look at Self-Care

Ever Feel Too Busy for Self-Care?

Self care and the modern day woman

Modern Day Woman

I know the schtick, you are a talented busy woman. A high achiever. Maybe you run your own business, you're a corporate queen, or domestic goddess. Whatever the case, you are busy. And a lot of the time, self-care falls to the bottom of the list

Improve Your Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health

But what if there was one thing you could do right now for self-care that would greatly improve your mental, physical & spiritual health, and you don't even have to move from where you are or stop what you are doing? Well there is...

You can stop mentally beating yourself up and feeling guilty for not sticking to your self-care routine? Wait a minute, what? 

REPEAT: You can stop mentally beating yourself up and feeling guilty for not sticking to your self-care routine? 

Awesome News

I promise you that beating yourself up for any reason, in this case not sticking to your self-care plan is not getting you closer to taking care of yourself. In fact, it ensures the opposite of what you want, that you not continue to take care of yourself. Isn't that mind boggling? 

This is what happens...

Recent Coaching Session with one of my Amazing Clients:

Client: Uhg, I can't believe I missed that yoga class I promised myself I'd go to this week, I'm so bad, I always do this, I know my health is important... what is wrong with me?

Me: How do you feel when you think those thoughts?

Client: Guilty, mad at myself, unmotivated to go to yoga...

Me: And what do you DO when you feel guilty, mad at yourself, and unmotivated to go?

Client: Binge watch Netflix and mentally berate myself. 

Me: And what result do you get?

Client: I feel bad about myself and I sabotage my plans for yoga because I somehow have convinced myself I'll never go. Ultimately, I don't get to yoga.

Me: Bingo! Beating yourself up never works. And thankfully so...

Self-Sabotage 101

Take it from someone who has been there, as a recovering busyaholic, I had to go through a total burnout before I understood this concept, and boy would it have helped me back in the day. My beating myself up was self-sabotaging critical mind-chatter that negatively impacted all of my efforts in all areas of my life. 

So take this in, the ultimate form of self-care is never beating yourself up under any circumstance. Ever.

Does that sound radical? Because it is. And it will change your life forever and blow your mind. You'll be unstoppable.   

Don't Worry, There Truly is no Use for Beating Yourself Up

If you have your moral compass in place, which I'm pretty sure ya do... Then you can let yourself off the hook. Please try this today. Just notice how many times a day you beat yourself up? No wonder you are so tired on top of all the busyness. 

And please don't beat yourself up for beating yourself up. See the vicious cycle? 

Beating your self up can be unlearned. It just takes awareness and practice.  

You got this my friend. 

Have a great week and please be kind to yourself. You deserve it.  

P.S. Oh, if you need help with work-life-family-love balance, I can help you. If you haven't already signed up for a free mini-session with me, here is he link to get on my calendar.

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