Let's Get Comfortable With Discomfort

It’s Tiffany here, writing to you from the French Riviera. I know you are experiencing some form of busyness and overwhelm. So why am I asking you to add discomfort to the list? Because I'm invested in you making your dreams happen, even if you are currently stuck in the busyness trap!

The best way to achieve your dreams is to get comfortable with discomfort.

best way to get comfortable with dreams.png

Often times us buyaholics, busy ourselves because we just “DO” without thinking it through. We get so caught up in all of the tasks, or that new training, and that volunteer position that we don’t focus on the big picture.

Consider that what feels important today, is just a distraction from your true dreams and desires. If you examine your to-do list you'll find that many of the items don't even need to be done!

When you get to the end of your life would you rather have used your time to focus on your dreams, what it is that really matters to you, or on your to-do's? No brainer right?

So why do we choose to hide behind what we tell ourselves we "have to," or "should do," instead going after what we REALLY want? Well simply because we are trying to avoid an unfamiliar form of discomfort. But discomfort is the primary medium of exchange for manifesting our dreams.

The kind of discomfort that you feel when aspiring for something that truly brings meaning to your life, is your best ROI when it comes to your dreams.

The interesting fact is that you are probably already pretty uncomfortable doing whatever it is you are busying yourself with anyway.

So if you are already uncomfortable and getting nowhere closer to your, "this is what I would do if I knew I couldn't fail" kind of desires, why not go all in on yourself? Why not feel a new kind of discomfort that comes with following your soul path and be working toward the goals that truly matter to you? Either way it's work, and either way it's uncomfortable. One gets you closer to the results that matter most to you, and the other feels like you never arrive, that life is just one loooong marathon. 

Going with this new kind of discomfort doesn't mean that you'll absolutely succeed, but it means that you will be on a journey that has purpose for you and that FEELS right. If you decide NEVER to give up on your dreams it won't matter how many times you fail. If it's important enough and you believe in yourself enough you'll keep at it until you make it happen. That's an awesome truth. 

An example from my life, I’ve personally had a huge dose of discomfort this year and it’s so worth it. Since I decided to move myself and my practice to France so that I could live aboard again and learn French, I am literally uncomfortable every single day. I really don’t like feeling uncomfortable every day in almost every way imaginable, but I do it anyway because it's what I really want. I’m willing to feel a little crummy, and some times a lot of crummy because I know the gifts of this experience will pale in comparison to any discomfort I may have. And it beats the discomfort of my "have to's" and "shoulds" any day!

Ask yourself these questions? Read through them once. Then take out a sheet of paper and answer each question. Write like you are brainstorming ideas and maybes. Take time and do that now. Fill in an entire page with a brainstorm of all the possibilities. 

1. What matters to me? 


2. What do I REALLY want?


3. If my wildest dreams came true, what would my life look like?


4. If I had all the time in the world what would do? 


5. If I knew I couldn't fail, what would I do?


6. If money were not part the the equation, what would I do?


7. If I could do whatever I wanted and no one would be disappointed by my decisions what would I do?


8. If I had the confidence and the intelligence to do anything, what would I do?


9. If I were not worried about my age or my looks what would I do?


10. If I didn't worry that my desire was shallow and I didn't judge myself for having it, what would it be?


11. If I knew that God & Universal Intelligence was totally backing me what would I do?


12. Lastly, if you had to pick one of these desires, which would you choose? Do you like your reason for choosing this? Make sure you do. What is it that makes this compelling to you, why do you want it? Will you go after this desire? If not, what is stopping you?

So I want you to think about getting REALLY comfortable with discomfort.

The fun fact of the matter is, that anything on the list you just made is possible. That doesn't mean that you'll decide to do it, but it's important for you to feel empowered and understand, know and believe you could if you decided to. But if you do you'll need to practice some serious mental hygiene. We all do to achieve great things. If you are not sure what that would look like, I can teach you how. How to keep your mind healthy so that anything really is possible when you are willing to feel discomfort.

Your dream catcher is discomfort. Start dreaming.