6 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Plan to Live on Purpose This Year!

Today, I’m talking about how can we live 2018 on purpose and make the most of it.

It’s day 5 of the new year. Most of my clients are looking forward to having a clean slate, a new year. But how do we mentally close out last year so that we can start the new year clear and focused? What to do with this new start?

Last week you started to live life as if your goals from 2018 had already happened. Good on you woman.

This is an awesome start to living your life on purpose. AND I have found that reviewing what happened the previous year can be an illuminating exercise in planning for this one. A couple of important points before you get cracking on these questions:

First, it’s tempting to judge your experience or get down on yourself about what did or did not happen last year. But don’t forget that the ultimate form of self-care is never beating yourself up under any circumstances. I know it can be tempting but trust me, it really serves no purpose whatsoever. So, stop it. :)

Second, if you had a lot of successes it is also common to keep looking ahead and not really take in and appreciate yourself for everything you have done. Pause here, breath and take it in…

So, let’s look at what happened last year.

While you do this exercise practice gratitude for the good and the bad because all of it helps guide us on our one right path… and say goodbye to last year.

Remember as you do this, not to argue with the past.

It’s done, and it happened just as it was supposed to. You know how I know this because it happened. And that’s the reality we have to work with.

When I do this exercise, I like to be in total emotional adulthood. That means I take responsibility for all my feelings, behaviors and thoughts. This is empowering and will help you not to feel like a victim of your circumstances, to blame, to feel guilty, or go into self-pity mode. Which never helps us if we get stuck there, right?

the ultimate form of self care is never beating yourself up under any circumstances.png

You are a powerful woman. Own it, work it, apply it. I’m here to help.

Ok, so ask yourself these 6 questions:


1.   What lessons have I learned this year?


2.   What results did I create this year?


3.   How did I change and transform last year?


4.   If I could talk to myself one year ago at the start of last year, what would I say to myself?


5.   How can I use this information when planning for the new year?


6.   Did I live my life on purpose or did I just seem to let life happen to me?


Don’t think you accomplished much last year? That’s a lie, my friend. Look again…

Ask yourself these questions again. Because I can assure you that every single one of you did a lot last year. You created a lot of results in your life even if you don’t see it. It's good for you to know that you are producing results because as long as you are producing results, you might as well produce the ones that you want instead of just going on autopilot and creating something you don’t really want, or rinse and repeating the previous years.

Now review the exercise you did from last week’s blog.

Imagine you have already accomplished what you set out to do this year and you live this year from that space of already having accomplished your goals. Are there any modifications you would like to make to those goals as look at how you answered the above questions?

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It’s going to be fun. You can have an amazing year! You just need to believe that you can and keep doing your thought work, and self-coaching to keep you focused all year long. I have your back.