What Do You Want to Use Your Life For? Knowing This Will Help You Make More Time.

It’s a big question right? What do you want to use your life for? 

When it comes to making more time in your life you really must answer this question for yourself.  

The reason this is important is that when you know what you want to use your life for, you can live intentionally. What's the point in teaching you how to make more time in your life to make more money, have loving relationships and a lifestyle that rocks if you don’t know what to do with that extra time? 

It’s similar to what I teach you about writing down and calendaring the time for all of your goals including the day-to-day values you have regarding the amazing lifestyle you want. Yet this is the big picture goal for how you will use your time.  

At the end of your life, I want you to look back and say, heck-yeah I used my life and my time exactly the way I wanted to. I was intentional and I created what I wanted.  

I was intentional.jpg

Most of you busy women would agree that time is our most precious and valuable asset. So it’s important that yourself ask and answer the question: 

Why is time so valuable to you? 

This will help get you thinking about how you want to use your time and how it can be aligned with your highest integrity and values. 

When you intentionally think about and manage your time this way, your time is "spent" aligned with what you really care about and it feels amazing. The burden of “busy” can be a thing of the past.  

You need to know how to allocate your time on a larger scale that will serve as your heat-seeking missile headed in a straight line for your ultimate irresistible life. I’m not talking about life without negative emotion. Negative emotion is part of the human experience. 50% of the time it’s gonna suck and 50% of the time it’s gonna feel great.  

I’m not talking about a perfect life either. I’m talking about living your life from your core values. Get on that path and no matter how far you stray if you've identified what you "want your life to be for,” you’ll always get back on track. That's one of the most powerful and reassuring truths you’ll discover in this work.

You all know that I teach you how your thoughts create your reality. It’s not woo-woo it’s a neurobiological / psychological fact. I love how simplified this makes any struggle in life.  

I had a mini session with a client the other day. She was devastated because love had “not worked out for her yet.” She was “running out of time.”  

She believed that she was meant to get married and have a family by her early 30’s and because this time had passed and not by far, she was collecting all sorts of evidence for how there was something wrong with her and that time wasn’t on her side. She'd decided with about 75% certainty that she’d missed the boat. But if you think about it, how can you miss the boat? It’s about what you think about time and timing right?  

You can simply decide that you haven’t missed the boat.  

If you are in a similar boat to my mini session client, you'll soon see all the time you create by not indulging in negative emotion that will keep you stuck but instead get into aligned action with your goal. You can make whatever it’s you want in life. It’s all totally possible, no matter what age, or timeframe. You have the ability to choose.  

In our mini session, we uncovered her how her mind was holding her back. And how what she was choosing to think was not creating the result she wanted. In fact, she thought it was the circumstances of so called “failed” previous relationships that were the problem but really it was her thoughts about the circumstances of her life that were problematic. The deeper she dug her heels 👠 into this "story ditch" to prove this painful narrative the further away she got from creating a loving relationship and family. This result is absolutely possible for her (or for any of you out there dealing with the same thing), but especially if she/you believe it to be true. We got down to business working on enhancing the 25% of her mind that believed "maybe it's a possibility for me." 

The first step is always becoming aware of how you're thinking 🤔 about whatever is going on in your life, especially when it comes to time because time effects every aspect of your life.

To simplify this question of "how do you want to use your life," I want you to start thinking about your thinking.  

Begin thinking about how you WANT to think about your life, not necessarily how you currently think about your life. Be your 95-year-old self, not weak and sick, but beautifully-wise, strong, and healthy as a horse. Pause for a moment and think... 

Imagine a scene in which a young woman asks you about life. She’s looking for answers. Imagine you tell her about what “you used your life for.” Don’t get caught up in what you wish you would've done differently so far and let that get you down — that serves no purpose right? You'll tell her about your thoughts on what you used your life for. What do you imagine you tell her about living a life you absolutely loved? What you would you say? 

This is what I would say about how I used my life: 

  • I used my life to inspire, to be an example of what’s possible, to be of service, make the world a better place by walking the talk and continuously evolving myself, and teaching concepts that alleviated some of the unnecessary suffering humans experience.  

  • I used my life to teach women and anyone willing to listen how to manage their minds and have intentional on purpose irresistible lives.  

  • I used my life to have as much fun as possible in everything I did.  

  • I used my life to feel love everyday.  

Knowing what my life’s for helps me get crystal clear about how I use my time. And answering this question can help you do the same.  

What's your life for?

If you can answer this question, you'll create so much time in your life to do the things you genuinely want to do. You’ll be delighted by how crystal clear your focus is and how much time you'll create by eliminating unnecessary time-wasting activities that prevent you from feeling how you want in life.  

Eliminating all time wasting thoughts, feelings and actions will serve you in so many ways. You’ll be like a heat-seeking missile aligned exactly for what you value.  

No more time for indecision, buffering, staying too long, avoiding failure at all costs, self-doubt, self-pity in massive amounts, confusion, people pleasing, and judging yourself and others. I’m not perfect at this, and neither will you be. But this year I have drawn a line in the sand and I'm saying no more to these time-wasters. It’s a daily practice and I love how much time it frees up for me and how good I feel.  

If I'm an inspiration or an example of what's possible it’s not because I have some special talent or innate capability like being the best Olympic swimmer in the world.  

I don’t have some special magic powers that no one else can have, or do. If I'm an inspiration, it’s merely because I serve as an example of what happens when you take a normal woman and teach her how to manage her mind with the simplest easiest tools for transformation that I’ve found on the planet 🌎... In dare I say, my almost 30 years of studying psychology and how humans work.  

If I'm an inspiration, it’s just because of the work I’ve done on my mind, and I absolutely love this because anyone can do it.  


And it doesn’t take 30-years of studying psychology. It takes about a good 6 months of learning and applying the skills I teach you in my blog, my videos and my Irresistible Life Coaching Program. It takes the HARD, but so worth it work, of learning and applying these skills to your life in a 100% committed kind of way.  

What would you tell this young woman that your life was for? Take 5-minutes to write a rampage of positive thoughts about your life looking back on it as if you were your future 95-year-old amazing self. 

You won’t regret doing this exercise and you won’t regret choosing to do this work. The way you spend your time is determined by the way that you think and the way you think and spend the time in YOUR life will determine the results you get.  

Do this work woman. You deserve an irresistible life. Let me know if you need some guidance.