How trash talking about time all the time is costing you time, money and energy and one thing you can do to change that now.

If you've set up an adversarial relationship with time you're always gonna be struggling against it and maybe even forfeit your dreams.

Sadly, most of us go through our lives feeling stressed, anxious, fearful, hurried, rushed, and defeated by our beliefs around time. I know it feels like reality, but it’s just a bad habit. The cool thing about habits is you can break um and replace um with ones that'll help you flourish.

Have you ever stopped to notice how much you complain about time?

 There’s never enough of it

 I don’t know where it all goes

 It’s always running out

 I wish there were more hours in the day

My personal fav...I never have time for a life...

AND... If only I had more time I’d start that dream job, training, coaching program, relationship or family that I’ve wanted, but guess that won't ever happen

Please don't say these to yourself ever again. Cleaning up your TIME, requires you to stop this language now and redirect to more supportive thoughts.You can do this.

Don’t wait, time won't slow down for you. Time's right here and now, in each little moment. Time is on your side. You’ve just gotta to befriend her.

 Imagine getting everything done that’s important to you with ease? Sound impossible?

I feel ya. As a recovering busyaholic and burnout survivor, I work on my relationship with time everyday cause I'm 100% committed to my freedom. I'm not perfect at it, but that's not the point. Like many of my busy clients, I’ve got lots of interests. I'm 1000% invested in my clients getting frigging amazing results, I wanna learn French, understand the corners of my mind, explore new places like India, Africa & Vietnam, take hot yoga as much as possible, pet my kitties, learn as much as I can about leadership, and be in love with my life. So you know I gotta practice a "crap-load-ton" of productivity and discipline practices to tap into my creative soul-self and get "STUFF DONE." Lady boss style!

 If I fight with time. I can't have the life I desire. Fact.

Aligning how you use your TIME with who you are as a woman and what you want to create is one of the greatest ways you can love yourself straight into your dream future. 

So, you ready to go with me on a diet from trash talking TIME?

Right now do this one thing to change your dysfunctional relationship with TIME. Think different thoughts about your old adversarial, Ms. Time.

In this moment there is plenty of time.png

If you truly believed that "in this moment, there’s plenty of time and everything's happening in support of me," how would you be different?  

This is a power thought you can adopt right now.

If you were truly committed to believing this thought, you'd feel a heck of a lot better and you’d create more of the BIG THREE—TIME, MONEY & ENERGY! I know you know there're connected right?

Take 5 minutes and answer these questions:

  • What are some of your current beliefs about time? Drudge up the ones that are really hiding out and holding you back.
  • What would you like to believe about time?
  • If you believed there was always enough time, and you had a strong romance with time, how would your life look like in a 6 months, or a year from now?

If you believe you can lose weight, guess what you do? I see it all the time with my weight loss clients. I'm still amazed at how thoughts change everything.  It's no different than your new "Diet from trash talking TIME."

You just need to commit to your new language, & your new beliefs over and over again, until it's more powerful than your old ones about TIME.

Bonus ALERT: more money and energy will flow when you do this work... so get ready!

It's totally doable, but not always easy. Commitment is the key. I got your back on this, I’m a pro at creating more time. Reach out and we’ll jump on your personalized time diet call if you need support. You gotta surrender and make TIME your BFF. She’s super compassionate, and fun - think driving around in a red convertible Ferrari on a warm sunny day your hair blowing in the wind, and being fully present, with not a single care in the world that you should be anywhere or doing anything else! You’ll see…  

The biggest barrier to feeling better and living a life that truly matters to you is your relationship with TIME. Get on it now! Good Luck!