Should I Book That Ticket to Paris?

audrey hepburn paris is always a good idea.png
Paris is always a good idea.
— Audrey Hepburn (as Sabrina)

Did you know that each day you make about 35,000 decision? No wonder many of you suffer from decision fatigue. And when you are tired and worried you usually opt for the easy and familiar.

But what I know for sure is that indecision and the easy choice are both fear-based, and unlikely getting you that irresistible life you desire. 

Just yesterday, one of my clients had an opportunity come her way that she immediately thought, “I’m definitely not ready for this.” It happened to be the opportunity to speak at a women's retreat in Paris. Before even considering that this may be a huge step in the right direction, fear seized her and she shut it down immediately. But I ask her to reconsider with my magic weapon lie detector question. 

It's the question that has helped me gain instant clarity in moments where I wanted to pretend I didn’t know my own truth, to run from a choice and shrink from my dreams. 

What would your 90-year-old-self tell you to do?

Don't be mistaken, I'm not talking about the dreaded "bag lady," you might immediately jump to. I don't even like using that description of a woman because I think's it's totally antifeminist and agist, but I think it illustrates an important point here.

I'm talking about your 90-year-old self, the one who's lived full out bold, took chances on herself, loved fiercely, and lived as if her life were her creative piece of work.

Your 90-year old self has the answers. She is not confused.  It’s either a clear "absolutely yes" or a "not gonna work."

Allow her to guide you in the big and little questions, such as:

Should I take that job opportunity?

Should I say yes to that date?

Should I invest in myself this way?

What style do I want to flaunt, bohemian hipster, or classy Audrey Hepburn?

Is it time to write my memoir?


Should I book that ticket to Paris?

We'll that last one is just what my client did after taking the sage advice of her 90-year-old self. 

It’s a simple question. But you'll see it's one that'll help you gain instant clarity. And, don’t be surprised when what she has to say, happily scares the bejesus out of you.

She’s not scared, she knows that fear is the exchange for what's truly in your heart. I can't wait for you to meet her. So take a moment to describe your 90-year-old self now.  If she's anything like my 90-year-old self were gonna be BFF. So, ask her, don't be afraid.