How to Ditch Busyness and Produce Your Irresistible Life

Feel like you’re doing a lot and producing a little? Here’s why…

Busy does not = productive time spent.

When you feel busy, like you’re doing a million things, you need to stop and assess how you’re actually spending your time. You will be surprised.

I want you to be the Royal Queen of your time and Energy, so you can create and live your most irresistible life.

Don’t get stuck checking things off your to-do list and wasting precious time and energy anymore. Be done with it.

Being productive means that you’re producing the results you desire with your time and not just DOING. 

There’s a huge difference between thinking and feeling busy and producing what it is you truly want.

How to know if you’re DOING and not producing?

Being busy DOING usually feels awful because deep down you know you aren’t doing anything of substance, or at least the kind of substance that would make your heart leap for joy.

When you are willing to be uncomfortable, that is where the magic can happen.

If you are a hostage to your to-do list it, it’s because you’re in your comfort zone DOING instead of producing.

What can you do about it? So that you become the Royal Queen of your time and energy today. 

Do this quick, but detailed assignment and uncover your biggest time and energy wasters, it can change your life:

1. Without over-analyzing what are your top five desires. And what are the feeling you think each will create for you?


2. Write down how you spend your time today, from the moment you wake up until when you fall asleep? What’s the activity and how many minutes or hours did you spend doing it?


3. After you do the time inventory, go back and rate each activity. Ask yourself what were your predominant thoughts and feelings about each activity from wake to sleep time?


4. Time to get honest. What are the chief time wasters and energy drains in your life that are blocking your desires? List 20 of them!


5. Finally, what small shifts can you make to spend your time aligning your actions and focus on producing your desires?


Now take a moment to celebrate that you are willing to get uncomfortable so that you can use your time producing what it is you truly want and not just waste time and energy DOING.

Share with me what “ah-ha’s” you uncovered about yourself and your next steps.

If you are feeling stuck, I can guide you through this, just let me know.

Congrats ahead of time for doing this work, you won’t regret one moment of time spend on this I promise.

So, let’s not waste any more time, ok?