The Key to Success is Always Courage!

So, what is the one thing holding you back from success?

FEAR. The dreaded feeling.

What do you need to solve for fear? COURAGE...

Every day I purposefully do something that scares "the you know what" out of me.

Because I am currently living in the French Riviera, that includes learning French, figuring out how to communicate about getting something delivered to my place, how to find the right light bulbs when all of them have burnt out, how to get my cell phone fixed, how to meet new people every day to grow my community of friends. Just to name a few.

I do something scary every day because I want to develop my COURAGE MUSCLE.

Once upon a time, I was in the habit of allowing FEAR to take over. I had a nagging feeling that my life wasn't quite on the right path... I decide no more. I tuned into my desires and I worked hard to develop the courage it took for me to create the life I now have. And it’s uncomfortable every day, but I love this life.

I'd like to introduce you to COURAGE, it can really take you places. Enchanté COURAGE, you're radiant this evening... 

There is still more that I want to create in my life. And I'll continue to use COURAGE to create the life I envision for my next evolution... Best of all, YOU can do this too!

My work as a success coach gives me the opportunity to study fear and how it stops you in your tracks and COURAGE, and how it allows you to grow, blossom and create amazing things in your life.

Everyone wants success but they don’t always know how to achieve it. First of all, success begins with DESIRE.

One of the first question I ask my clients, and I want you to ask yourself this now is, “What is it that you would like to create?”

Don’t think too hard, or get perfectionistic about it. If there was one thing you could create in the next 3-to-6 months to-1-year, what would it be?

Imagine it. Ok, got it?

The second question I’d ask you as my client is “What’s in the way of you creating that right now, at this moment in time?”

I already know what the answer is but usually my clients don’t, it’s Fear. Fear is the only thing that's in your way. 

Most of the time it’s not so crystal clear to you what’s holding you back. But I guarantee you 100% of the time it's fear.

It sounds something like this:

“I don’t know how to do it.”

Guess what you don’t need to know the "HOW" you just need to believe you can do it first.

“My loved ones and colleagues will disapprove or think I am crazy.”

And ask yourself, "so what if they do?" Will you die of mortification? No, you will not. Especially if you don’t give up in the face of naysayers. You gotta believe in yourself all the way to your creation.

“I just won’t have the time.” (A big one for us busyaholics, right?)

Time is a mental construct. You make time for things you really want. It doesn’t just happen. You know this. Also, ask yourself am I buffering with busyness because fear's holding you back from your desires? If so we need to talk. I want you to have the life you have dreamed of. No excuses. Courage is the way through. Coaching is the tool.

“I don’t have enough money.”

You can come up with the money to invest in something that really matters to you. If you believe in your cause, you can find innovative ways to find the money and pay it back. You totally can.

I've helped so many clients with time and money scarcity get out of FEAR and into the COURAGE. You know who you are! 😀

It’s amazing how they start to have more time and more money in the bank at the end of our 12 sessions. I'm amazed at their courage and success and how the mind works when you believe.

Use these two little mantras to help you start calibrating your mind towards COURAGE and away from FEAR, instead of the above thoughts that hold you back:


"The key to successfully living my life to the fullest is using COURAGE to create what I truly desire in my life." 


"When I make decisions they’re out of COURAGE and LOVE, not FEAR. I’m courageous enough to make my dreams a reality. I’ve got this."  


when i make decisions.jpg
key to successfully living.jpg


This will change your life! (Homework assignment for you 😀)

From now on every time you make a decision, ask yourself this question: 

"Am I making this decision out of FEAR, or LOVE and COURAGE?"

If it’s a fear-based decision. I urge you to really evaluate if that's actually the right choice for you, in most cases, it won’t be.

I'm off to buy light bulbs... wish me luck...Just imagine if let light bulbs keep me from my dreams. That's the magic of COURAGE.

I can’t wait to see how you develop your courage. The rewards will totally outweigh the discomfort. I promise, but you have to keep at it. Don't give up, or into fear.

In all quests for success, what we all want is to be FEARLESS. And you can be.