Visualize it, Speak it, Feel it — 3 Steps to Creating Anything You Want

The last few weeks I’ve been talking to you about self-appreciation. You've learned how to be the watcher of your mind and identify self-critical harming thoughts and counter them with positive mantras and self-affirming affirmation. Heck yeah! ❤️  

So one of the amazing things about these tools is that you can use language to change the reality of your life. You can manifest just about anything you can think up. Sounds pretty good huh?

It’s not magic, its psychology and I have used these tools and techniques on myself and with so many of my clients so I can tell you it REALLY does work.

If you think about it anything you have ever done in your life was because you believed that you could. At least somewhere in that beautiful mind of yours. The more powerful you believe the more likely you will stay the course and make it happen!!

Let me give you examples:

I wanted to be a therapist, a life coach, a practitioner of NET, a yoga teacher and retreat leader and somewhere inside of me I had to believe these were all possible for me in order to take the actions necessary to accomplish this. I believed it and so I did it. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t have my doubts, but the stronger I believed in my ability the more easily they came to me.

Think about what YOU believed you could do before you did it? Write down at least 5 things. I bet there are waaaaaay more. Keep adding to that list. It helps to see the evidence of what your mind has already created because of thoughts you truly believed.

You have to believe you can do it first. 

Powerfully manifesting without much self-doubt and obstacles takes practice but it feels darn good and truly the wildest life of your deep desires and longings can totally be lived by YOU 😀 once you get these skills down.

Let’s go Navy Seal Style to accomplish YOUR mission totally doable and Masterful Manifester Maestro now with these 3-steps:

Use this 3-step exercise to help you create what it is you desire. You’ll learn how to harness the power of your senses to get just the energetic vibration flowing that you need.

I will use two examples to illustrate the steps for you: 

Example 1: Elena. Remember my coaching client Elena from last week? She used to look for love in all the wrong places. Our coaching is centered upon her desire to manifest a healthy, happy, sexy, deliciously supportive and crazy-in-love relationship. 

Example 2: Me. Let’s use my example of taking and preparing for the practical exam to become a Neuro-Emotional Technique Practitioner (this is the best technique for changing mind-programming and patterns that are deep rooted and hard to get at with just thought work alone)!!!!

REMEMBER, just insert your THING here. It can be anything, a new job, a degree, another child, a move to a city you love, supportive friendships, a rocking bod, a newer and happier you. Anything! Cool?

STEP 1: Visualization

You have to be able to imagine what it is that you want to create in your life. 

Elena prepares for a date… 

Example 1: 

Before she goes she visualizes herself there. Instead of focusing on the fear (Eg. "I’m so nervous." "Maybe we won’t hit it off." "What if he doesn’t like me, or me him.") She keeps the images positive. Instead, she sees herself feeling and looking fabulous and loves the ambiance of the restaurant she picked. 

I prepare for the Neuro-Emotional Technique Practical Examination: 

Example 2: 

In preparing for the practical exam, I visualized having supportive exam proctors, I saw myself doing each 15 steps with ease and confidence, I saw myself at the end high-fiving myself for being so committed to learning this technique so that I could become certified and be the best of the best and help help help so many people in my practice with it! I passed by the way… this was many moons ago now, but I did it!

STEP 2: Speak it like you mean it. The power of your voice! 


Example 1: 

Instead of saying what you FEAR, focus on what your desired outcome instead. So for Elena's date in place of affirming self-critical and negative affirmations like, “I hope I don’t get super embarrassed and say the wrong thing.”


I am confident that I will find all the right words and have a great conversation that flows easily and is a lot of fun."

Example 2:

When I was talking with people about the upcoming practical exam, I focused on the outcome of passing that I wanted instead of the fear of failing. Instead of thinking, “I’m so nervous about this practical exam, I hate being tested while people watch, I’m probably going to fail.”

I said...

"I’m looking forward to being certified in a couple of days."

"I totally know this technique and can show this off in the exam." 

"They are going to sense my enthusiasm for the technique and I’m meant to do this and I know I can pass this!"

STEP 3: Feel it, sense into it… and don’t forget to breathe

Take 5 deep breaths and gently close your eyes. Hold the visual that you created in your mind's eye. Next, using all of your senses, conjure up the feelings of actually experiencing what it is you so desire.

Example 1: 

"There's a cool summer’s night breeze and the temperature is just perfect on the rooftop hotel restaurant I picked for the date, the couch is comfortable, the lighting creates just the relaxed ambiance that is warm and inviting. I am relaxed and confident. All the right words flow out of my mouth. I am excited and have positive expectations."

Example 2:

"I feel the satisfaction of being treated with respect by the exam proctors. I feel the warmth in my chest that comes with demonstrating my knowledge and my desire to help people with this technique that has so changed my own life and I know will change the lives of my clients. I feel grounded, confident and excited."

So, what is your one THING you desire that you'll be practicing these 3-steps to get in vibrational alignment to be a Masterful Manifester Maestro?  Hit reply and let me know.

These steps are so easy guys. You gotta give this a try this week. I'm telling you it will change your life forever, so why not try it now!

You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams.

You have the power to choose the content of what's in your mind. You can choose your thoughts. You get to decide to put your attention and energy on what you want to create. What you want will naturally be drawn to you when you do these 3-steps. It can and it will happen if you follow these steps.

Elena used to dread dating because she had a belief, “I always pick jerks, I’ll probably do it again,” and this is what kept becoming her reality. It’s just as easy for her to focus on what it is that she wants. So why not use your focus and your energy to create what you want? You are creating anyway, you are always creating. What did you create last year? What would you like to create this year? Create what you want. It's up to you. 

You can totally harness the power of your mind to become very intentional and create the life of your wildest dreams, or at the very least better outcomes, and more satisfaction and joy in your life!