Powerful Mantras to Create Self-Appreciation

Whatever you put your intention on gets magnified.

Last week I talked to you about how important self-appreciation is and how your inner critical voice can negatively impact your life. This week I’m going to share with you some of my favorite mantras to get your life flowing in the direction of love in all ways possible.

The first step to self-appreciation is to identify and be mindful of your negative self-statements.

If you did the exercises from last week— you have been working on identifying those. If you missed last week's blog check it out.

The second step in self-appreciation is to start replacing those negatively affirming self-statements with intentional positive affirming mantras.

Not only will this help you be well on your way towards self-appreciation, but doing so will also improve your self-esteem, reduce stress, and create what your heart desires by retraining your subconscious mind.

Think back to a time when you were in a funk.

What habitual thoughts were you using to affirm negative stories about yourself and your life? You can change those stories, flow into self-appreciation, affirm how you want to think and feel about yourself and manifest the life of your wildest dreams. Really!

Positive mantras as a change-making tool that will flip your lid it’s so powerful!

Have you been in the presence of someone who truly has self-appreciation and self-love? It's such a beautiful thing. It’s like you have come home and you can finally relax. And all things positive seem to flow to you…

You can totally learn how to do this too. 

By mindfully using positive mantras that are affirming and eliminating negative ones, you'll raise the vibrational energy that is emanating out of you and into the universe. This will attract experiences to you that you’re are wishing to create.

positive mantras.jpg

Think back to when you were in a super happy time in your life.

Can you see examples of how your energy positively impacted the experiences you attracted?

This is not magical thinking, this is science.

If you don’t believe me, you can check out one of my favorite books by Joe Dispensa called, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.” It’s absolutely fab! All the latest brain science you ever need to know about how your thoughts truly impact your life.

Moral of the story is whatever you put your attention on will grow.

So I want you to start thinking positively affirming thoughts. Because you deserve to feel your own appreciation and love. You do it for others why not do it for yourself. Spoiler alert, it can also lead to the life of your wildest dreams…

Self-appreciation leads you to honest-to-Buddha-self-love.

When we truly feel self-love anything really is possible and you'll start to seemingly effortlessly attract what it is you want in your life. The work you do will be on your mind and not on “making something outside of yourself happen.” You will take action steps, but they will come naturally and without so much effort when you are truly feeling self-appreciation. 

Skies the limit. Define what you want…

It could be a job you feel passionate about, an amazingly loving life-partner, a group of vivacious friends that you have a blast with, a lifestyle that feels just so joyful to you, and so so much more.

Anything you can imagine can happen.

I will talk more about this next week, but first, we gotta get you feeling good and positive about yourself. There is no reason not to. Anything else is insanity.

If this is a struggle, know you are not alone, and although it is fully possible to have self-appreciation some of the time it can feel hard-earned, requiring dedication and time focused on yourself and your mental and emotional health. It's not that it's easy even though the concepts themselves are simple. It takes work, but it is the most rewarding work you'll ever ever do. I can confidently tell you this from personal and professional experience. There is no other way to live a truly satisfying life in quite the same way... 

Here are some of my favorite positive mantras that lead to true self-appreciation and love. What are yours?


What I look for I will find


I am abundant


I always have enough time


I always have enough money


I am deeply supported and loved


I can trust myself


It’s not what I do, it’s who I am


I'm a kind and loving person, even though I’m not perfect...


I'm human and I accept myself fully, sometimes I make mistakes and that’s normal, I can learn from anything in my life...


I intend to be the best version of myself even when I mess up


Everything is happening for me


Things are supposed to have happened just the way they did


I have the power to create the life I want with my mind


Thoughts are always optional


Unconditional love is something I give myself


There is nothing I can do that wouldn’t be worthy of forgiveness


Self-acceptance and love is always an option


I will no longer beat myself up for beating myself up


I am not my mind, I am the watcher of my mind


Worry pretends to be necessary


My body is perfect just the way it is


Everything happens right on time


There is nothing wrong with me


My purpose is the life I am living right now


There is nothing I truly want that I cannot have


I can do hard things


My life can feel easy


My past is perfect just the way it is


What others think of me- positive or negative- is about them and not about me


Suffering is optional, it just feels familiar


Nothing has gone wrong here


I am enough


I am guided


The universe never makes mistakes and always has my back


I have my back


I can take care of my needs


Things always work out for me


Which mantras resonated with you? Which ones will you start putting into practice this weekend? Hit reply and let me know. :)

Pick one or two of these and practice them all week. One of my teachers likes to say "your words have wings," and isn’t that the truth? Fly girl, fly!