Learning the Minimum Baseline Mindset to Live Your Most Sexy-Kitten-on-Wheels Life

Are you flaking on your ambitious plans for yourself on the regular? If so you are probably experiencing what I like to call "all or nothing & all at once mini-traumas.”

You set the bar way too high in all areas at once, end up NOT following through, feel loads of shame and give up on those dreams way too fast. In your mind it feels like:

“If I don’t do all of it, I can’t do any of it.” 

Let’s decide together to be Perfectly Imperfect

This "all or nothing” and “all at one time approach" comes from your desire to do things perfectly. Us busyaholics can tend to do this… We want to have the perfect exercise or meal plan, scheduled-out-week, relationships, business plan or basically any other goal you can think of.

The "Minimum Baseline Mindset” is the best antidote to this perfectionistic trap that keeps you running circles in your head trying to do it all, all of the time only to end up in mental quicksand.

With the minimum baseline mindset, you choose one small thing at a time to focus on and do it consistently. I know this sounds pretty boring to your ambitious brain, but it really is the best way to make consistent long-lasting changes.

The Perfectionistic mindset says:

"I have to hit yoga class 5 days a week, or else.”

And usually as an ambitious woman, you'll have goals like this for every area that you are working on. You see how easy it is to set yourself up for failure and quit altogether?

The Minimum Baseline mindset  says:

"I can reasonably commit to yoga class 1 day a week without fail. I’ll do that and feel awesome about it.”

At first, your mind's not gonna like this because setting small goals feels unsexy and wimpy because you don’t get the same dopamine rush that comes with the excitement you get when you set big elaborate goals. 

Whatever area it’s in, your minimum baseline should be the smallest commitment you can easily make that you know you can follow through on no matter what. It shouldn't feel like you’ll secretly never do it when you set minimum baseline goals.

Even more than getting the results you want in life, the minimum baseline mindset helps you learn to trust yourself. Really trust yourself. Not the kind of "I think I can commit to that and follow-through one day," thought you might usually have.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important.

Using the minimum baseline mindset works by giving you the experience of making a commitment to yourself and following through no matter what on any minimum of what you are willing to do and then increasing your commitment from there and then adding on new goals. It’s one step at a time. It may seem like this approach will take you forever, but how long have you not been making the changes you have wanted? Trust me that this mindset can work miracles in your life.

Think of other minimum baseline goals you've set and achieved. Maybe you won’t leave the house without brushing your teeth, it’s just non-negotiable that you'll keep that commitment to yourself, right? You can build that kind of trust with yourself with minimum baselines goals. Your commitment to them becomes non-negotiable.

When you use this mindset you will see your success skyrocket.

More importantly, you'll learn one of the single most important things you can learn in life how to honor your word to yourself, follow through on what really matters to you and overcome your brain's chatter that keeps you locked in a cycle of starting and stopping.

Wake-up call   Your dreams are awaiting you & you can get there with the minimum baseline mindset!

Not understanding how to use the "Minimum Baseline Mindset," is one of the main reasons your dreams lay in a tiny mountain-type collection of unanswered longings from your soul because you don’t know how to honor your plans unless you are getting immediate rewards.

Lets change this woman.jpg

Don’t waste any more time on perfectionistic tendencies that erode your self-confidence and get stuck in quicksand.

No way Josie! Hello to successful follow-through. A woman, who is unafraid to be committed to her dreams one tiny unsexy step at a time.

I’m honored to help busy women like yourself create more time and increased clarity of thought through techniques like minimum baseline mindset every day to get the successful outcomes you all really deserve.

My life would be way less sexy and amazing if I didn’t know these techniques myself.

If you're not sure how to implement this mindset or anything else that I teach, as a gift to yourself reach out and do a mini session with me. You’ve been getting my emails for a while now. It takes a brave and courageous woman to work on her mind, invest in herself and develop the tools to have a sexy-diva-roller-derby kind-of-life. Yours is awaiting you always. You just have to reach for it.