Planning Out Your Week

Me: I need to plan out my week. I’ve got so much more on my plate than I anticipated. That new assignment…That concert I’ve being dying to go to for almost a year now snuck up on me.

My Mind: There’s just too much to do. It’s all jumbled and confusing now. We have no idea now where to even begin. We’ve been working so hard. Let’s just skip the planning part. It’s gonna take up precious time. I know let’s just skip all of it and watch a movie and eat some popcorn instead.

Me: I hear ya. But I’ve dealt with overwhelm before. I can handle it. I just need to make a list of everything I have in my mind and get it all out on paper. Then prioritize that list and put it on the calendar. I just need to begin.

My Mind: That takes forever and maybe you won’t follow through on it anyway, or more stuff will happen then you anticipated and you’ll have to do it all over again. You should just start on that project due next week, so we can watch a movie sooner. It takes way too long to plan it out, you’ll be wasting time.

Me: It is time consuming to plan... Crap. Maybe I should just start sans the planning.

My Mind: Good idea! We don’t have the time and we could alleviate some overwhelm now by just getting started without all that planning . Just do it and then we can watch a movie. There’s really not enough time to plan anyway..

Me: Wait wait wait wait… a minute, there. We’ve been through this before. It does take some time, but I always feel so much better after everything is laid out and I know what my next move is. I’m less tempted to go watch a movie with you. I like to do that with my free time.

My Mind: Ok, but you really should listen to me. You’re gonna waste an hour on planning.

Me: Mind stop tempting me to get off track. I’m running the show. I love you but please just shhhhh… I’ve noted what you’ve had to say and I understand your fears…and wanting to protect me for sitting down and writing out the plan because right now it “feels like pulling teeth.” But for every hour I plan I know I get about 5 hour back A WEEK. So actually it’s the opposite of what you fear. I don’t have the time NOT to plan. Planning is ACTUALLY the solution to getting more done in a shorter period of time. It feels amazing to have it all planned out. Getting started is the hard part.

My Mind: Fine, but I think you need a strong coffee first, this conversation has worn me out. Or some popcorn if we can’t watch the movie… This is hard work. Oh, don’t forget you need to text Julie back too.

Me: Wow mind you’re relentless. I decided to stop snacking remember? How about a Pierre and we text Julie and watch a movie during my free time later tonight?

My Mind: Ok. But you know you really can be a joy-kill sometimes.

Me: That’s not nice. You know I’m not, we actually have massive amounts of fun and do a lot of amazing things. But I gotta remind us of the long-term goals here and why they’re important to me. Getting down to business in the short-term, in this moment, will allow for movies, texting with friends and concerts. Whatever the heart desires… AND bonus, it’ll feel even better because it’ll be guilt-free and even more fun. AND bonus bonus, with each little step I take daily my dreams are becoming more and more of a reality and you like that feeling too. It’s the difference between a real and a false pleasure. It’s the difference between instant and delayed gratification.

My Mind: Alright. I here ya. You’re right. I’m on your side. But let’s get this sh*t done!

Me: LOL.. Wow, a little aggressive are we today huh?

My Mind: Hey, it’s all good. I’ll tone down the drill sergeant. But you know me I’m a brain. I’m built to seek pleasure, avoid pain, and exert as little energy as possible to keep you alive sister.

Me: I totally get it and thanks. Ok, let’s do this thing. It’ll take one hour of FOCUS!! And it can be fun too.

My Mind: Good idea, grab the Pierre and crank up some of that anthem song you like to play to get us motivated.

Me: Hahaha…. I’m sure you’re talking about, “This girl is on fire!!”

My Mind: You know me so well. :)

Me: Deal. It’s a plan. Go! xo

invite a conversation.jpg

The way I overcome my primitive brain and it attempts to stop me from doing things that feel uncomfortable but ultimately lead to my goals is to invite a conversation. I talk to my mind. I listen to what it has to say, thank it for it's concern and assure it we're safe to move on. Then I get to work at creating what it is I truly want in my life. Talk to your mind and do it anyway