The busy woman’s guide to shopping her closet in 4 easy steps without spending more time and money.

Hey ladies,  

One thing I’ve been finding that’s the cause of a lot of stress for you all is clutter. This makes perfect sense since when you’re a self-proclaimed busyaholic there’s no time for decluttering. Yet I know many of you strongly desire a streamlined life. I’m working on a program right now to do just that for you. A system for everything. Simple fail-proof ways to organize your busy mind and life that’ll create a sense of ease and joy that you’ll just love. Get out of the rut of busyness once and for all. More to come!  

If clutter’s not your thing, maybe you’re like one of my colleagues who procrastinates by cleaning and decluttering instead of doing a project she has on her calendar that makes her a little uncomfortable. If you're like I was in my extreme days of busyaholism, before recovery, you've probably been in both camps. My barometer was my car, if it was a mess, I was waaaay too busy. Often times we get bogged down with to-do’s and if you don’t have a schedule that you plan and follow weekly (see my posts here), then you can really screw yourself and end up paralyzed by the question, “what to do first?” Sadly, what results is you just get busy work done, not the daily results you really want AND then ensures the clutter.  

I’m on a 30-day spending freeze. 

That’s right I am not buying anything for 30-days. This has been such a cool revelation. I was recently visiting LA, since living in France for a year. And honestly, I was so excited to buy some new essential pieces from my favorite store I couldn’t find in France. But being between France and LA, it got a little confusing about what I should have. Should I have a wardrobe in both places? Two of everything? No, that’s impossible and honestly, I want simplicity and ease. After feeling bogged down with to-do’s and a busy lifestyle for years, this just isn’t my jam anymore. I’m not going full minimalist, but I’m definitely shooting for minimal minimalism — or what I like to call essentialism in all areas of my life. That includes my wardrobe.  

So what’s this got to do with you? 

I know you’re busy. I bet you think you need to run out and buy a new outfit for that special evening that’s coming up, or that trip you have planned to Mexico, or Italy. But when you’re on a spending freeze like me — you’d be surprised at what you can find in your own closet. I won’t go full closet make-over on you. Although go for it if you want. I’ll share more about how to do that in coming posts.  

But when in doubt of the right outfit, humor me and go shopping in your own closet — 4 easy ways for the busy woman to refresh her style without spending a penny…  

Streamline your clothing time.jpg

1. What’s a look that you love? A woman needs to have an identified look to present to the world and to go from busy to brazen and streamline this area of her life. I love anything from Free People so my look is Bohemian Eclectic with Edge and Professionalism. Yours might be:

  • Classic

  • Effortless Chic

  • Sexy Silhouette

  • Sophisticated

  • Rocker

  • Tomboy

Just to name a few… Truth be told I love to mix it up, but if you had to sum up your style in 4 descriptive words which I suggest you do (even shoot for two — if you’re feeling daring), what would it be? Check out this fun article for ideas, but come back here because I don’t want you to miss the rest of how to shop your closet.

2. Be fascinated by colors and textures that you love and jot them down.

3. Take a quick peak on Pinterest — 15 minutes max — my busy ladies. Type in the style you prefer (take one from above if you need help). Pick 3 images of styles you love. As you get more clear on the style and textures you prefer, this can always change and be honed to represent most importantly, you to yourself, and then—to the greater world. When you feel good in your skin and what you’re wearing life just seems a bit easier and have you noticed you magically have more time?

4. Now for the fun part, scan your closet and entire wardrobe for existing pieces you have that fit the look and outfit. It doesn’t have to be a perfect match.

Here’s a couple I drummed up for winter days….

I challenge you, put yourself on a spending freeze for one month and try this out.

Shop your closet. I’ll be right there with you. I promise you, you’ll be amazed at the time you save and bonus the money. Also, you may be surprised by how much cool stuff you already own. Make a list of items that may be missing from your wardrobe, but don’t buy them until after the freeze. Only shop with a list. For me, the purpose of this exercise is to stay true to my formula to SAVE TIME getting dressed and looking great.

I never get bogged down trying to find something to wear anymore. And this saves me approximately 10 minutes a day. Imagine how that time adds up in a year? Time, our most precious commodity. And countless days saved feeling like, “I can’t wait to get home and get out of this outfit.” It’s all time and energy draining-to-saving.

If you’ve got big goals, you gotta think streamlined. Get that 7-figure mindset working for your 6-figure income, and make time for your wildest dreams. When what you wear is effortless and you feel and look great, you’ll have more time for what’s really important to you and more time and money with which to do it in.

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