Money Series Lesson 2: Creating Money by Creating Value = More Free Time in Your Week To Do What You Love

A lot of you will notice when you examine your mindset around money and time that you have a belief that you have to put in a lot of effort and time to make money. When time and effort = money, you’re basically sitting there with your hand out waiting to get paid. Do you currently feel that you “should” get paid the most you can for the least amount of effort and time? That’s not empowering. And that won’t create more of what you want in life. It will keep you stuck though.

What I am about to share with you is so important. Hint: You must get out of that “hand held out waiting” passive role and into massive action to create value from thoughts that serve you and don’t burn you out.

Recently I talked about how you can make more time with a healthy money mindset. When you have a healthy money mindset you’ll create tons more time for yourself. Imagine the days of fretting over money gone. Imagine how much time and energy you’ll save not worrying about money. Imagine coming from a place of true abundance rather than scarcity— even when you slap down 5K for a training you really want to invest in for yourself.

When you create more time for yourself by cleaning up your money beliefs you’ll start to use that time to CREATE more value in the world (instead of stressing yourself out).

What a huge gift to you and the rest of the world. I estimate clearing up your money beliefs saves you AT LEAST 10 hours in your week! So awesome!

Quickie assignment:

  • What will you do with all that extra time?

  • Think of one thing right now and write it down. Get yourself motivated to work on your money and time mindset.

10 extra hours.jpg

When you provide value and overdeliver you always get it back 10 fold!

You’ll get it back by increasing your self-esteem and self-confidence, always, which is invaluable. But also in your willingness to receive. Part of a healthy mindset around time and money is linked with your ability to receive and how confident you are. Have you ever tried to charge an amount for your work or services that felt like too much? That’s when you know you need to work on your mindset and/or create lots of value.

When you give a lot of quality to the world, you naturally open up to receiving all the gifts the universe has to offer.

For example, when I create this blog I am creating value in the world that wasn’t there before. It doesn’t create more time or money directly to me necessarily in form of some direct payback— and that’s not the point anyway. I just get to be curious and open to receiving in ways that may seem like they have nothing to do with me creating this blog— but mysteriously it does. When I put myself out there and come out of hiding and offer value— the world works in fascinating ways and I notice I have more coaching sign-ups, small to big windfalls that I wasn’t expecting or anticipating from areas other than my business even. You’ll find this happens for you too when you start creating more value and overdelivering.

Quickie assignment:

  • You have gifts to share with the world. What are they? Identify them now and write them down.

  • How will you stop hiding and create more value based on your unique talents and gifts? Brainstorm 5 ways now and write them down.

  • What next step will you commit to taking action on within this next week to create more value?

  • What do you want to feel when you take the action to create?

  • What would you have to be thinking to create the feeling that’ll drive those actions?

When you’re living from scarcity, holding your hand out to get paid for every single thing you do, you’ll see that you stop creating value in the world. This is when you get stuck and don’t grow.

Don’t do this to us, we need to receive the value you have to give, that’s what makes the world go round. Just putting in your time and getting your paycheck won’t help you or others grow nearly as much as when you create value that otherwise wouldn’t be available. And like I said it’s not just about the money. In fact, that’s just a lovely perk that comes along with creating value. When you create value and overdeliver from your zone of genius you’ll blow your own mind regarding your capabilities and capacity for love and happiness. And bonus, who knows how that’ll influence the greater world around you, or how many lives you will touch. And what you’ll do with all your time not spend on money woes.

Money’s easy when you clean up your beliefs about it and break out of the time and effort self-imposed cage you’ve been in. Possibilities become limitless.

Most of us think that we get paid for our time. Time is limited. You might also believe that you can only get paid what “you’ve earned or deserve” based on your education and/or professional standing. But that’s never truths. Just mistaken beliefs that a lot of our society agree upon, which is why these beliefs feel so true.

If you explore your mind about how much you think you should make in a year— you’ll realize that there’s a number, a set-point, so to speak that you’re comfy with. And that’s the amount that you think someone should pay you. And likely you’re not making anymore than that. But, it’s all just a lie. And it gets so many of us stuck. So, what was your number? 50 K, 100 K, 200 K, 7-figures? Just enough to get by? Then that’s what you’ll inevitably produce.

Quickie assignment:

  • I want you to get super clear on what you’re currently believing and why. So what’s your number and why?

  • Do you like your reason?

  • Is it because you don’t feel self-confident? That’s never a good reason because your thoughts create self-confidence— not your education, status, current line of work, position or any other thing— but what you believe. Thoughts are always optional. Now that’s empowering.

  • Are you allowing current beliefs (that may or may not fit for you anymore) define you and keep you in a ho-hum holding pattern? Because they will. How may you be holding yourself back?

  • Are these thoughts ones you want to keep believing or do you want to open up to how you can provide value and evolve? If so how?

  • What’s the number amount you’d like to believe’s possible for yourself? Push your comfort zone here a little bit.

  • What would you have to believe to up level your current belief system? Write down 3 thoughts and practice those every day instead of your old ones. You’ll see things start to shift in your life.

No one can tell you OR determine for you how much money you can or should make, but you.

Even if you’re a SAHM. Even if you have a boss. You can ask for a raise. You can provide so much value and overdeliver and just see all the possibilities that open up to you. Maybe not even in this current job, but in some other opportunities. The universe will be working in mysterious ways. Be on the lookout. You’ll see them.

I’ll leave you with these two truths: 1) There’s not a limited amount of money you can make. 2) You can create your own wealth by creating your own value and offering it to the world.

That doesn’t mean efforting and hustling or doing something crazy that’s not you or burns you out. It could mean starting a blog, posting your artwork on Instagram, overdelivering to yourself and your family as a SAHM, or at your current job, or with your current clients. It doesn't have to be some big new thing at all. You don’t have to invent something new or become a rocket-scientist. You just be you. Imperfectly perfect as you are right now. No more education or knowledge is needed. You may decide on that but it’s not because you don’t have value to offer right now, just as you are.

It just means you get to become the best version of yourself and give value based on your gifts and talents. And that always feels damn good in the end.

You just go out and give as much to the world as you possibly can… not because you “should,” or because “you want something in return.” Just for the pure joy and fun of it all. For what you get to create and for how that’ll help you create the most irresistible version of your life, on your terms with extra time to boot.

So go forth and do both things we talked about here: create value and be open to receiving. You must do both. They won’t work well without the compliment of one another. And they won’t work unless it’s fun. Maybe not every little step of the way kind of fun but big-picture fun.

I can’t wait to see what value you create and what amazing things come to you when you’re open to receiving.