Money Series Lesson 1: Make More Time With a Money Mindset

Money can buy you time, and there’s nothing more valuable than time.  

Some people think there’s nothing more valuable than money- I would argue there’s nothing more valuable than time.

It’s true the more money you have the more time you can buy. You can hire a work and personal assistant to do all the things you’re— ehhh at, or ehhh about doing and spend that time doing what really matters to you. What if you could spend more time with loved ones, doing things you truly value, or creating your life from your zone of genius?

Mini-assignment 1:

  • Identify your top 3 TIME priorities. Imagine you only spent your time in these activities.

  • How does life look and feel differently?

  • Visualize it. Write about it for 5 minutes.

If money and time can help us solve so many problems, why’re they two of the most controversial issues we think about?

First off both are mental constructs. So it gets a little confusing when we use cash or credit cards to buy things or services. As humans we’ve decided the value of all currencies: cash, credit cards, gold, whatever…. In theory money in cash form is just a piece of paper. Crazy to think about but oh so true.

Money doesn’t solve all problems, but it can solve a lot. Unfortunately, everyone has strong beliefs about money and they’re mostly negative..

I’ve helped many clients double-to-quadruple their income! I love doing this work. It always requires them to grow and become more of who they genuinely are. I’ve seen none of them ever use it for evil. But all of them have had to examine their money beliefs and decide consciously what they want to think about money. Instead of believing some brainwashing the majority of us got.

Here’re some of the top money MYTHS that we’re all are prone to thinking:

MYTH 1: Money is the root of all evil.

Do you believe this one? If you do your money mindset needs a little, or a lotta work. How do you expect to make the amount of money you desire (AKA make more time), with an unexamined thought like that running around in your mind? It’s gonna be hard. And maybe you can’t even fathom that this isn’t true. But let your brain chew on it for a while.

The truth is if you’re a good person, wouldn’t it make sense that you’d use your money for good? And if you’re an evil person wouldn’t it makes sense that you’d use it for bad, possibly? So watch what rep you give to yourself about money. It’s highly important.

MYTH 2: You shouldn’t talk about money. It means you’re shallow and all you care about is money. This one includes you shouldn’t charge a lot for your work, or you shouldn’t spend a lot on yourself.

What? Such garbage. So many women I know believe you shouldn’t talk about money, because maybe people will think that it’s all you ever think about. Of course you having healthy money beliefs and actually talking about it does not mean that’s all you ever think about. It’s usually the other way around. When you don’t value having high quality thoughts about money — you’re stress-thinking about it a lot. Think of a time in your life when you were particularly stressed-out about money. It probably ain’t a pretty picture. Yet it’s virtuous, no. I call BS on this for all of us.

And you shouldn’t value yourself or ask for more money at work or in your career. Absolutely not. There was a time in my life as a new therapist in private practice when I was going to be forced to shut down my practice or raise my fees (that were very low). I came from mostly free clinics and I felt bad charging more. I had a weird belief that I shouldn’t change to help people. But when I realized I would have to stop helping people and stop doing what I loved and was trained for so many years to do, I had to get my head wrapped around what the heck was going on here. I realized I invest (and always have invested) in myself so that I can provide my clients with the best and really help them accomplish their life dreams.

Another one is “god-forbid you spent your spend money on yourself.” The best money I’ve ever spent was on my education, all the amazing trainings I’ve done, my home, a safe car, helping my loved ones out and the most important anything to better mind-body-spirit. One year when I was recovering from extreme burnout, I spend what I felt like was an incredible amount of money on health. I remember thinking, how in the world did I manifest this money? This was before my wake-up call about shutting my practice doors came. Somehow I just did it. Nothing is more worthy of your money than your health, be it mental, physical spiritual or relational. You’re always worth it. At the end of the day, the money you spend on this, just doesn’t really matter. I don’t mean go crazy, I mean decide on purpose. For me, spending what I felt like were large sums of money on my health helped me value a lot of things, mostly myself and the help I was getting. Got self-love —even when it’s scary? I hope so babe. :)

Mini-assignment 2:

  • If you’re not charging more or asking for a raise why not? Do you like the reason? You gotta like your reason. If you don’t… what do you plan to do about it?

  • Are you stopping some kind of care that you need to have a better functioning quality of life? It always amazes me how people think working on your mind (your greatest tool) or receiving some sort of physical care are luxuries (a functioning body is a must).

  • Who decided that these are luxuries? Did you? Do you want to keep that belief?

  • If you weren’t fearful about spending on your mind or body what would you spend on today that you’ve been putting off?

Mini-assignment 3:

  • Money is similar to time. So in the same way that you decided what your time priorities are. What’re your top 3-5 money priorities—things/areas you value spending your money on. Identify your top 3-5 money priorities.

  • Try not to judge yourself please. It may be difficult not to because you might’ve old beliefs about how money “isn’t important to you,” or “shouldn’t be,” or “only in this very narrow way.” But if you’re being honest with yourself, of course money is important. You can’t live without it right? Just like if you don’t have time, you can’t have life right? Now you might judge yourself for what you would use money for. But why, what’s the upside?

Under almost every issue, surprise surprise, is a money issue.

For example, I have weight-loss clients that under the weight-loss concerns are money concerns. Same goes with clients that come to me about relationships issues. When we take a deeper look, money is intricately involved in their relationship woes. These are just some examples. If I have the opportunity to work long enough with you— money always presents itself. Just as does your relationship with time.

Your relationship with money and time are two of the most important relationships worth working on. They’re two relationship that’ll dramatically change your life.

Mini-assignment 4:

  • Imagine you have the perfect relationships with both money and time. Tell me how your life is different?

  • The interesting thing is— it is different right? I know for many of you to have a good relationship with money would include not neglecting your money, or ignoring it, or punishing yourself for spending it, or freaking out about not having enough of it, or hating on money because you believe it causes your problems, or fighting with significant people in your life because of it. Your thoughts cause the problems— not the money. Go figure.

Money is neutral. What you think, feel, do or do not do with money is what makes it good or bad in your life.

Think back to your amazing, wonderful helpful self. Is it possible that having more money (and time) will just make you more of who you really are? If this is you and you have more money you’re going to do amazing, awesome, wonderful things with your money.

The more money we have, the more money and time we have for fun, and the more people we can help.

Mini-assignment 5:

  • Identify one person you would help if you had more money in your bank account today?

  • Name one thing you would do for fun if you had more money in your bank account today?

MYTH 3: Aspiring for more money makes you greedy.

The truth is aspiring for more money in your life just asks you to be more of who you genuinely are. It keeps you from hiding or playing small in some cases. It helps you to grow and push yourself beyond your comfort level. This is not just true for entrepreneurs but for everyone.

MYTH 4: Aspiring for more money means that you’ll hurt people along the way for it.

The truth is the more in-tune you’re with your money mindset and relationship the less weird and greedy you’re with the money and people in your life. I’ve seen it over and over. When you believe that money is truly in abundance there’s no need for greed or hurting others to get what you want. You understand there’s always enough to go around.

release all your negative thoughts about money.jpg

MYTH 5: Wealth is like pieces of pie, and when someone else gets a lot of it, you get less of it.

Were you taught this growing up— in school, by your family, religion, or culture? Think about a famous rich person. Do you think the more money this person gets, the less there’s to go around, as if money could run out..? It doesn’t make any sense.

Mini-assignment 6:

  • Who would you be taking from if you made money money or created wealth for yourself?

  • If you actually had an answer for that question. How true is your answer really?

These MYTHS (aka false beliefs) are quite pervasive, and you may find yourself wanting to cling to some or all of them, because they feel so true.

Notice not because they’re true. But I ask you to please do some work on your money beliefs. There’s no need to struggle with crappy money beliefs. Especially when all it takes is your willingness to examine your money mindset.

If this is difficult for you I get it. I had some crappy money belief myself before I did this work.

I never really sat down and thought about my money blueprint or where it came from and how it was holding me back from so many good things— for me and others in my world. I can’t tell you how much stress has been relieved for me now that I have a healthy mindset around money. I want that for you too because I know it is absolutely possible.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with the image of Oprah. Imagine if she thought money was the root of all evil or any of the other myths debunked here? She wouldn’t have been able to give and create like she’s been able to in her life. And that would be a shame for all of us. What if the same could be said for you?

What are you not aspiring to and who’re you not becoming because of money blocking thoughts?

Get your money mindset straight. It’ll create so much more time for you and you will CREATE so much value. It’s just the way it works. Don’t waste your precious time on useless money beliefs. Imagine how much time you’ll get back and the things you’ll do and CREATE and the help you will provide if you clear your money blocks?

One of the first things I CREATED was to produce my first International Mind-Body-Spirit Retreat in the South of France. Oh, just one of the best things I’ve created in my career along with every life I’ve touched. It’s an honor.

What’ll you create & what legacy will you leave when you value your money mindset and have more time for what really matters to you?