Money Series Lesson 4: How to Think About Your Earning Power to be a Badass Lady Boss

These 4 principles about earning money have changed the lives of many of my clients. They’ll change yours too. And— save you so much time, effort and relieve you from a lot of unnecessary financial and time-related stressors. 

I’m not going to focus on the “how” but rather on bigger concepts of the mindset shifts you must make to earn what you want and what you’ve always deserved.

Lately, I’ve been talking to you about all things money-time-related. Today, we’re focused on your earning potential. Your current beliefs about money are what’s causing you to get the results you’re currently getting regarding how much money you’re generating and your earning power.

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What do you have to believe and feel to get the money result you want in your life?

You have to know these 4 principles, AKA truth bombs, about earning. AND ask yourself and write down your answers to the questions at the end of each principle and the 3 bonus badass earning questions at the very end. This’ll save you so much time and make you so much more money.  

The concepts are simple but don’t underestimate them. Take them in, review them daily until these earning truths are part of your DNA. I promise they’ll rock your world.  

Here ya go and you’re welcome badass lady bosses!

1.   Earning money has nothing to do with the time and effort you put in 

Most cultures associate earning power with how much time and effort you put in. Your earning potential gets linked up with dollars for time and effort. Because that’s how we’ve been socialized to see it. But we’ve got that all backward. It’s a huge problem when we think about earning money when it is linked to time and effort and here’s why…. 

When you think about your earning potential based on the amount of time and effort you put into your job, your business. or taking care of your home, etc., you immediately limit yourself. You can only earn according to how much time and effort you put in. 

If you base how much you can earn on time and effort, you may also be basing how much you can earn on your education, on the opportunities available to you, on how much someone else will pay you. Every single one of these is limiting you. You end up missing the bigger picture and missing out on your full earning potential.

So if earnings not based on any of the above, what’s it based on? It’s based on how much value you’re willing to contribute and how much you choose and are willing to receive.

Ask yourself:

“How much can I earn when I stop limiting myself based on time and effort?"

2. Creating value is where your money abundance will come from

What you and Oprah have in common

Take Oprah for example. Do you think she gets paid for how much time and effort she puts into her work? Absolutely not, there’s not enough TIME you can create to get paid hourly when you’re a billionaire. Her earning potential is based on the value she puts out into the world. And so is yours. Just like Oprah.    

The value you offer can be in your job and how you show up. It could be in your business and what you do for your clients. It could be in your household and how you contribute value to your home life.  

Here me on this one ladies. It’s not about… 

  • How busy you are

  • How much you stress you have

  • How many hours you work

  • Or even how how hard you work

None of that pays you — what pays you is the value produce for the greater world. Think Oprah style. Even if it’s the value you produce within the privacy of your home for yourself and your family.

For example, as a coach I want to offer value that you can take to make your life better. I’m creating value if you can take this information and…  

  • make more money

  • create more time and love in your life

  • get to your ideal body weight and keep the weight off permanently and stress-free

  • create a 3-day work week and still make 6-7 figures

  • create more time for everything it is that you love and spend your time exactly as you wish 

  • What I can give you as a tool to get what you want in life .

    You don’t pay me for how many hours it took me to create my blog, my video series, etc.  

If you’re a client of mine you’re not paying me for the hours that it took to create this blog, or the exercises in it, or the free video series I have for you, or any of that. You’re paying me for the value that I am offering. It’s not a straight dollar for hour value.

When you approach your life this way you’ll always be coming from a place of abundance.   

The good news for recovering busyaholics is that creating value has nothing to do with your to-do list. It’s not about how much you are doing. You gotta focus on the value you are providing.

When you put value out into the universe from a clean place (meaning you’re not giving from scarcity or fear or some other negative emotion) then you’ll soon see the universe will repaid you 10 fold. I see it all the time. It sometimes comes back to you in mysterious ways. A windfall here that you weren’t expecting, a rebate on the new washer and dryer you bought, or you’ll be asked to do and be part of something that you hadn’t expected that could take you to the next level in your career and business. Watch for these little miracles and enjoy them.

Ask yourself:

What’s the value I’m willing to offer the world?“

“Am I giving? Am I contributing? Am I offering more value to the world when I work towards getting specific results? Am I offering more value to the world as I create a project I’m working on rather than “just checking things off my to-do list?”

3. You must be open to RECEIVING

The more we have the more we can give the more open we are to receiving.  If you’re not earning what you want— one of two things is happening:

  • You aren’t offering enough value

  • Or you’ve limited yourself by thinking in “time and effort” money mentality.

Ask yourself:

"Am I open to receiving?" In this hour, this day, this week, this month?

4. Responsibility - you are 100 % responsible for how much money you make 

It's not up to your employer, your customers, your clients, your family, your partner, your parents or even the government to decide how much you earn. Isn’t that exciting and freeing? So many of you get stuck in the box of “I don’t have a choice.” But you always do. You’re the one who decides if you’ll get a raise— not your boss. You decide ahead of time that’s what you want and you go about getting it—using all four principles covered here. You may not get it every time, but when you think about it this way you’ll be much more creative about your choices and how you go about pursuing your goal. So, if you don’t get the raise, you’ll think up 101 more ways to get yourself that raise in some other shape or form. You’ll become empowered to get in the driver’s seat of your own earning potential. And then skies the limit!

When you take 100 % responsibility for what you’re earning it never feels like force, struggle, or stress. Instead it feels like love, empowerment, consciousness, creativity, contribution, openness, receiving and moving forward and evolving.

Ask yourself:

“Am I taking 100% responsibility for how much money I earn?

When you believe and embrace these four money earning mindset principles you can create whatever it is you want!

Finally I want you to answer these three questions:

  1. How much do you want to earn (at least 30% more than you are earning now)? If you go higher than this your brain could freeze up and go into freak out mode and sabotage your goals. But if you’re seasoned in managing your mind with the thought model— go for it. Just be on the lookout for the brain seize and coach yourself through it.

  2. What value will you give in order to receive that amount of earnings?

  3. How can you be more open to receiving?

I leave you by sharing a practice I have in my own life. Everyday I practice opening myself up to the possibilities of abundance. I know that all I have to do is be open to receiving and open up to the abundance that’s all around me. I believe that we all have an escrow account out there waiting for us to tap into. I know there’re so many opportunities if I just open up and let them in. That’s all I have to do as I go about the business of letting my creative mind add value to the world. You can do this too.  If you are not sure how let’s talk mama. Happy empowered earnings.