Money Series Lesson 5: Math or Mind Drama... Which One Keeps You From Making More Money?

Life can be simple. Money can be simple. Love can be simple. Time can be simple.

But how? You may not believe it’s possible but it is and managing your brain is the key. Here’s how…

What’s your goal, dream, or desire?

Got it?

Ok, now the simple truth is that everything we desire (the results we want in life) are made up of two things.

Math and mind drama. Drop the mind drama and skies the limit for your deepest wishes.

Sounds simple and the concept is. But, the practice takes some, well, practice. But there’s nothing more important to do with your time then to learn how to manage your mind… So, let’s go!

For example, let’s say you want to make 200 K. That’s the math part of the equation for the result that you want. Result = 200 K. You can do this with any amount of money or with any result you want. Maybe it’s a better relationship, or a better work-life balance, etc... Whatever the goal you want just slot it in to this storyline as you go.

So, for one of my clients—200 K is the math. Everything else is mind drama. Mind drama includes doubts about your capabilities, the “how,” of the how you’ll go about making that 200 K and all of your other beliefs surrounding making the 200 K. All of these beliefs really have nothing to do with making the 200 K. They’re just the drama— the obstacles your mind will conjure up regarding your goal.

Math vs. Drama— in goal realization

The math is totally neutral and devoid of drama and any “story" you have about being able or unable to make that amount of money, or whatever your goal is.

I want you to think about the results you want as the math. What is the result you want? Identify it now.

And know in your bones that the math is all you have to focus on. Because everything else is mind drama. For example, I was talking with a new coaching client today. She wants to get the result of making 12 K a month in her business over each of the next 6 months. Ok, easy. In order to do this the math is the facts—-that she needs 6 new clients a month based on her service fees and she needs to make sales offers. As many as possible.

Now all she has to do in theory is make enough offers to get 6 new clients each month. That sounds super logical and easy when you think about it that way right? As her and I flushed out today in our session. The math is simply how many clients she needs to make the amount of money she wants and what she need to do is make enough offers to get there. It’s simply figuring out the math and doing the most important step, or steps to achieve your goal. Now, she’s very aware of the math— and how her mind-drama was keeping her stuck from seeing clearly how to move forward. It doesn’t matter how she makes those offers as long as she’s in integrity with her values as she does so. There is no use making money when it goes against your highest values or integrity. But if making money, or a certain amount of money freaks you out— don’t generally accept that it’s because it’s against your values and integrity. Because often times you’re mind will want to tell you that because of faulty negative beliefs you have about making money, and even more so when you think of making “lots” of money whatever that means to you. So make sure you check yourself on that.

But what inevitably happens to all of us when we have any goal or result we want, is that we start having a bunch of thoughts about that 12 K (or whatever your goal). Instead of using a simple process, “I do A to get to B.” instead, the path from A to B gets super muddied with drama thoughts like my client had such as:

  • Is the value I’m providing good enough?

  • Maybe people will think it’s boring and not resonate with me.

  • Am I really capable of being a good entrepreneur and business owner?

  • Maybe I’m not a good enough coach.

mind drama.jpg

All sorts of thoughts that we’ll call— mind drama get in the way of the simple math of any goal you have. And by the way, these thoughts when identified and examined are usually not even true.

That’s why coaching and self-coaching are so important. You cannot let these little pesky untrue thoughts keep you from your dreams. It’s total mind B.S.

The problem is— when unidentified and unquestioned crazy untrue thoughts about your dreams are left floating around in your head, you end up feeling stuck. You may delay— or even give up on your dreams, or somehow otherwise sabotage yourself. These thoughts may feel so true, but they’re not! So the drama is there for no reason. Hence, the term drama. Fears are real and it’s ok to have them— but we don’t want them to hold you back from your goals because of the lies your brain will try and sell you on to keep you safe. But safe from what? It’s always the discomfort of doing something new. It’s not that it’s so scary, it’s just that it’s new.

Think of anything you’ve wanted and the doubts associated with that particular goal. Sometimes able you’re able to forge ahead— past, or through the doubts, grinning and bearing it and you come out on the other end with the result you want, albeit tired and worn out.

But you don’t need to make it so hard on yourself when you understand that all the mind drama’s a lie. We could make our lives a lot easier by staying focused on the math of the situation, aka the facts. This is a practice— so it takes practice not believing the mind drama but instead understanding that mind drama is inevitable and it does not mean stop— or strive until you drop. It means, “oh yeah this is exactly how the my brain (and all human brains are supposed to work), when confronted with any “big” goal, and my job’s not to blindly believe it.” Just knowing that it’s the way our brains are wired that cause all the tension and drama in the first place can help you get more clear-minded about all of our goals.

Our brains, left to their own devices will always tell you how dangerous and scary it will be to pursue your goal and how you might as well stay in the cave. Your mind thinks this’ll keep you safe.

But it’s not safe not to go after you true dreams. It’s frustrating and you have that dreaded sense that you’re not living up to your potential and that just sucks. So when you know all of this and can anticipate the mind drama ahead of time, you don’t have to believe everything your brain tells you— you can always go back to the math, the facts of the situation, and skip on right past all the drama.

Don’t forget your mind’s the best saleswoman in the world and was designed to keep you alive. So it’ll tell you anything to keep you comfortable— even if it could be way further from the truth than what is reality.

My client’s brain was telling her that making 12 K a month was dangerous.… to your brain, it’s as if you literally could die if you go out and try your money goal, or whatever goal. My client’s brain was creating a lot of mind drama and stories to hold her back and keep her falsely safe, by getting her to believe in the doubts and confusion. She had a hard time seeing through all this until we coached it out of her brain and she consciously choose what she wanted to think instead of the autopilot lies her brain was cunningly selling her on. After she was free to choose how she wanted to think, “on purpose” instead of the faulty beliefs that were coming up, taking over and running the show.

Once we cleared her brain out, the math (aka, facts of the goal) were obvious to her. She could see the situation vs. the drama— and get super clear that all she really needed to do to get to her goal was believe that she could (not believe in the mind drama) and take the action of making offers from a place of excitement and not fear.

I want you to know whatever your goal, mind drama will come up. It’s just the how the human brain works. The key’s not believing in the mind drama. The mind drama might be telling you that the value you’re offering’s not what people want, that you don’t have anything to offer, and/or all of your ideas are stupid or subpar. That’s all B.S.

Do not believe your mind drama. Focus on the math.

Create a thought model that gets you to your desired result and practice living into that thought model. Practice believing harder in your thoughts and feelings— the feelings you want to experience going through the process of achieving your ultimate goals. You’ll win out on what your brain’s telling you automatically and so much more easily meet your goals. It’s crazy how simple this all can be when you drop the mind drama.

With love ya’ll. Practice letting go of that mind drama today… You deserve the best!