Money Series Lesson 10: Your highest expense is not taking action

The biggest expense you can ever pay in your life is inaction. Particularly inaction on your dreams. This is the biggest expense I see—listening to fear and not going after what it is you truly want. Imagine the time it could take to get going on that dream business you want. The more you stall the more you pay. You actually miss out on the opportunity your business would afford you to grow and the wealth you could accumulate.

I want you to start thinking about NOT TAKING ACTION as your biggest expense.

You might as well be stealing money from yourself when you let fear, confusion, doubt and scarcity stop you from taking action.

This applies to any area of your life, not just inaction in creating your wealth and abundance. If you want a relationship but you’re too full of fear to really take the steps to go for it— it’s costing you right?

Have you heard me talk about the concept and trap of “failing ahead of time?” That’s when we don’t take action because we’re afraid we’ll fail.

It’s important to distinguish that it just “feels” like you may fail, and that failure in the absolute sense isn’t ever real. You can always get back up. Being committed to your dream is crucial. Missteps are always part of going after your dreams. And this is a beautiful thing because there’s so much personal empowerment to be gained along the way. But true fails are when you fail ahead of time without even trying or when you start out gung-ho and have a setback or two and give up. Often times we fail ahead of time before we’ve even tried but because there’s been so much contemplation and stress-thoughts about it — we actually think we’ve put in a lot of effort when often times NO action was taken. Unfortunately, the only action was over-thinking — and that’s not the kind of action that gets you real results.

Your mind was designed to keep you alive—to survive not to thrive.

You must understand that without mind management it’s pretty hard to reach your big financial goals because the unsupervised mind will tell you that it’s unsafe. This is why it may feel safer to stay at a job you don’t like, rather than start a business you’ve been dreaming about. The security and familiarity of the so-called steady pay-check and benefits can prey on your need for security. In reality it may not be so secure, not to start your own gig in certain respects.

Inaction can cost you a lot. So it takes learning how to manage your mind when the human brain designed to keep you alive is screaming— “no, no, no….”

You need to understand how to think thoughts that’ll create the feelings needed to take action in the face of fear. And think thoughts that’ll not lead to sabotage to keep you at your normal level of comfort. Maybe it’s not so comfortable where you’re currently at financially, but the thought of generating more probably feels uncomfortable too. But if you’re uncomfortable either way, why not be uncomfortable taking action that could get you the result you actually want— rather than the same old actions that are keeping you at the status-quo level of discomfort you’ve got with your current results?

You have to understand it’s not because of some deep flaw within you, that you have resistance to taking action on your dreams, but because your mind was designed to keep you alive— remember the basic function of your mind is to survive not to thrive.

Your mind would prefer you never leave the proverbial cave because at least in the cave it can keep you safe. When you try and leave the cave to go after your dreams— the brain thinks “who knows you could face lions, tigers and bears, so on second thought let’s just stay inside.” It may sound like this—“Hey ya know, you should just stay in the cave, don’t try to make more money, or go on a date, or change anything for that matter, let’s just stick to what we know.” You could be mad at yourself or your mind for this, but that’s not useful. Instead you could try thanking your mind for doing it’s job to try and keep you alive, but just know that these thoughts are not usually accurate.

You’re NOT your mind, your mind is part of your design as a human and it doesn’t need to be obeyed when it comes to fear about your dreams.

The key is knowing you get to decide what you TELL your mind to think, no matter what automatic thoughts it come up with.

It’s true it may require risk to make a dream come to life. But you can take well-calculated, well-thought through risks to bring a dream to life and create more wealth. Risks can be scary, but isn’t it scary not to take the risk and stay in inaction? Think of your dream. Imagine you take no action on that dream for 2 years. What’re the potential consequences of this inaction? If your dream is for true abundance and creating financial wealth, you’ll likely lose money and lots of it.

Let’s say you have some money beliefs you need to re-work and have determined that you need help with your mindset. But when you think of investing in yourself to get the help you need and desire your brain seizes up with fear— and you put off your plan for success coaching. If you stall out like this then two years later you’re in the same exact situation, how much will it have cost you? Imagine, that you could have quite literally become a millionaire in those two years! That may sound dramatic, but it’s true.

Once you master your mind around money (and I don’t even mean 100% mastery), you can make whatever amount you truly want. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a 50 % managed mind!

Can you see how not taking action because of fear is costing you a heck of a lot of money — not to mention time and confidence? The time you can never get back. Sure, there are things you can do to create more time— but you can’t add anymore minutes to an hour, or hours to a day, or days in a year. The good news is you can make more money.

The other BIG expense are your taxes. You have to pay tax on income and then you pay tax on most things that you buy.

So if you look at all the tax you pay, you’ll likely see that this is your second biggest expense other than inaction. But I say “taxes smaxes.” It’s part of life right? And yep, again you can be smart about your taxes and learn more about how to maximize your income and pay less tax— but you can’t usually eliminate taxes altogether.

So here’s the formula:

Action = money

Action = dreams coming true

Inaction = missed opportunities for money (it’s expensive)!

Inaction = not following your dreams (it’s expensive)!

So get working on managing that mind of yours. Don’t let it run the show, learn how to direct it. Tell it who’s boss and thank it for being a good bodyguard, but you got this one covered. If you observe your mind you’ll notice that it’s afraid for your life a lot of the time— for no good reason. Learn to discern “real danger,” from fear of failure, fear of trying something new, and fear of the unknown. It’s a very different thing.

The highest price you’ll ever pay is from not taking action on your dreams. Making sense?

Your highest expense besides taxes is not taking action.jpg

When you don’t act on your dreams, you miss out on life experiences, opportunities, money, growth, relationships, and one of our most precious commodities— time. There’s a bunch of other things that’ll cost you too when you don’t take action—things that can’t really be quantified.

The best way to determine this is to look at another area of your life. I think about if I hadn’t decided to invest in my education and training to do what I love. Imagine all of the expenses it would have cost me? Or if I didn’t decide to start my own business when I did. Who would I be working for? How would I feel about that? What freedom and experiences would I have basically cost myself? So what can you use as an example in your life that you’re happy you took action on? What if you hadn’t taken action— what would life have been like, can you quantify that in a dollar amount or some other factor?

Start taking action from thoughts that support and serve you.

You don’t have to do it the busyaholic way, where you just take action to relieve anxiety or to avoid negative emotion associated with doing what really matters to move you forward in your dream. Or take unfocused action in all areas of your life and scatter your energies.

You know what I mean, when you know you need to be doing XYZ, but instead you busy yourself with some other task? Since we’re on the topic of money— let’s say you need to call your accountant— but you feel anxious about what you might find out and so you decide to clean your house until it’s spick and span. Or even, you’re supposed to be working on your Facebook ads for your business, but you decide to do a Facebook Live instead. You brain reasons this away, with “well I’m sill working, so it counts.” But it’s like saying you want to make enough money for your dream car and instead you decide you need to exercise and you go for a bike ride. They’re NOT related. Great, go for a bike ride, but don’t kid yourself that that’ll get you any closer to getting that Ferrari— if that’s what you want. ;)


There’s no right or wrong, and no either or— but there’s action that’s a distraction. I call it distraction action. You’ll usually know when you’re doing it if you pay close attention. It’s passive action rather than massive action. It’s action that seems like it moves you closer to your goal but it’s not a priority and may not even need to be done at all.

Take massive action toward your goals. Get focused on what it is you want and go for it.

Can you see now the huge cost associated with lack of action? All that money you’re missing out on—you’re paying it to your distraction— to Netflix, to social media, to your current employer when what you really want is to own your own business, etc. etc. In the final analysis of your life, will watching “years of TV,” actually have kept you safe from harm? That’s rhetorical. Of course not, right? And… watch TV if you want, remember— there’s no right or wrong— just do so consciously.

When you take action and invest your time, energy, and money towards getting the results you really want it requires taking action in spite of fear, worry, doubt, and taking action despite obstacles that come up NO matter what.

There’s no quitting when you fail the first, second or third time, because you’re so focused on managing your mind to get the results that you want — that you won’t let an action that didn’t work— hold you back. So you tried a Facebook ad and the first time around it flops. No biggie, you just tweak it until it works, if you believe it’ll work you’ll take action until it does.

Same with relationships, you date some duds and you decide “forget it their all bad.” Come on now, that’s not true, but you gotta believe. If you don’t believe you’ll end up creating what you’re more focused on. You’ll see your Facebook ad not working or the datings duds and your mind will tell you that’s the truth— to keep you safe. Just talk back and tell it “thanks but I BELIEVE HARD in my dreams and I appreciate your concern, bodyguard, but if I don’t see any physical danger here I’m moving forward.”

The RESULTS are worth the action required!! What else do you have to do?

Thank goodness, I went through years of schooling, education, and training and took a chance to start my own business. I love my clients, l am doing what I’m passionate about and I wouldn’t change any of it, not even the times I perceived as failures. Those were some of the best evolving that I was “afforded the opportunity to grow into.” Let that resonate with what it is you currently want. What’s the worst case scenario? Now know that the worst case scenario is just how we think we will FEEL if…. this or that “bad” thing happens. But imagine how you’ll feel when you take a chance on your dream and it works because you decided that it will.

You got this!

When you take action, you create the opportunity to have an extraordinary life— one that you find irresistible.

If you need help figuring this out— I got your back. Check out my Irresistible Life Coaching package and sign up for a mini session today. Until we talk again, your homework is to answer the following questions to get you taking acton on your dreams today!

Homework Questions:  

  1. Write down all the times in your life when taking action led to making more money and increasing your income.

  2. Write down times in your life when a lack of action has cost you money. No need to beat yourself up— that’ll just cause more inaction. Be gentle and kind and just observe without judging. If you want the tough love talk to me.

  3. What actions are you planning to take and be COMMITTED to in order to create the money results you REALLY want in your life? List at least 15 action items. Prioritize them.

  4. Make a declaration. I (your name), promise to take the following action step within the next 24 hours to create more wealth and abundance. Let this first action step be small. For example, you promise you’ll schedule a time on your calendar to go over your incoming and outgoing money and begin the process of getting financially organized. Not— “I’ll get financially organized,” (too vague), OR, “I’ll create a business and personal budget ALL today.” No, just one SMALL step to move you in the direction of getting used to taking action.

  5. Reward yourself when you do it— do something you don’t usually do, or want to but haven’t done in a long time. Take guilt-free down time in nature, at home, treat yourself to a massage, or a pair of shoes. It may sound counterintuitive—but results are made up of baby steps that over time create exactly what you want. Positive reinforcement will help your mind associate doing the one thing as good and not scary or dangerous too. So don’t skip this part.

  6. Once you complete your first small action step decide on the next action step and move the ball down the field. Repeat #’s 3, 4 & 5. Rinse and repeat.

Have fun with this ya’ll. You have so much more power than you realize. And it all starts with your thoughts. Think thoughts that serve you and take action from there. Don’t allow fear and doubt to be so dang expensive—go for it in spite of your bodyguard.

Lots of Love!!