Money Series Roundup: 11 Ways To Find Financial Freedom

Do you have a desire to create wealth, abundance and financial freedom in your life? Then you absolutely can and this is why I have been dedicating my writings to money for the past 12 weeks or so. Because you deserve to make of your life whatever you truly desire- and there’s nothing holding you back but your mindset.

This is a summary of what you’ve been learning over the last few months. If you missed a blog, go back and read it. Do the exercises that I suggest. Don’t just consume the information. Your life could change drastically for the better for good when it comes to money if you commit to this process and the desire is there.

So skies the limit on what you can make and do and achieve with money.

But you must overcome your mind drama. When you start to uncover your money blueprint, which is made up of your mind’s conditioning — messages you have received from parents, teachers, society, religion, as well as the modeling you saw, and specific incidences you’ve experienced— you can start to do the mind management work of adding, modifying and deleting your money beliefs to get the results that you truly want. This is the best news ever. You can become wildly wealthy if you want. You don’t have to, but if you want to you can!

Do you have the desire and capabilities to earn money, but you are not getting the results you want?

How much money do you want to make? It’s interesting that most of us go through school and career counseling and we’re never asked “how much money would you like to earn?” Why is this? Because we ‘re not supposed to be direct, and it’s taboo to talk about money, especially for women? But that’s actually ridiculous. We get jobs and take on careers to earn money, yet we’re never asked how much we want to earn. So I am asking you now, how much money would you like to make in a year? Not HOW you will go about this but just what would you like? The HOW is learned by failing your way to the results you want until you get the result you have identified.

If you want to earn a million dollars a year, you will not know the exact HOW and that’s the way it is supposed to be.

So expect to fail forward. With each misstep, you learn, you grown, and you find the way to get the money result that you want. The key is to believe it’s possible for YOU, and take action from feelings that fuel you, not burn you out.

I want you to love money. I want you to overcome your conditioned mind when it comes to money (and all things), so that you can experience the truth that anything is really possible in your life.

You are not your mind, you have a mind. Just like you are not your arm, you have an arm. If you can see this truth you will stop believing that your limiting thoughts about money are true. THEY ARE NOT TRUE. They just feel true because you’ve been thinking them over and over again. You get to choose whatever thoughts you want about money. You can believe them without evidence, without anyone else having done it before. You might think “Well I’m a nurse, a chiropractor, a therapist or a coach and so I can only make such and such amount. That’s SOOOOO not true. Brainstorm 50 ways that as a nurse, or whatever your chosen career (if that’s still what you want to do), you can make exactly the amount that you desire. Don’t limit yourself because you haven’t stepped out of the box and explored all options and instead think by default and limitation. Get creative.

Money can be whatever you want it to be in your life.

If you have current limiting beliefs about money you’ll know this because you’ll desire more money than the results you’re currently getting. If you’re results are not what you want— it’s simply a thought error that’s causing you to be stuck. Not because it’s not possible for you. So don’t over identify with your thoughts. You’re not your money blueprint, your mind is capable of so much more. What if Oprah didn’t challenge herself to face her fears and go for it anyway. Imagine all of the value she has created in the world — just not there. Thank goodness she did right? She’s touched many of our lives. And you need to think about yourself in the same way. If you don’t challenge your fears about money what value are you robbing the world of? Maybe it’s a different value than Oprah offers but it doesn’t matter it’s still value.

obstacle to wealth is fear.jpg

So here’s the roundup— 11 ways to creating wealth, abundance and financial freedom:

  1. The key to getting what you want—including money in all its forms—is to simply ask. Feel the fear and ask anyway.

  2. Your biggest expense (other than taxes) is inaction—it causes missed opportunities and unfollowed dreams.

  3. Money mindset matters! How you feel about having money determines how much money you have. The more comfortable you are having it without spending it, the more of it you’ll have.

  4. Think and feel ahead of time what it is you think money will provide you, then practice having money without spending it from a place of abundance. Really revel in having what money you have!

  5. Spend your money ahead of time mentally to get really clean about your spending habits. Make spending decisions at least 24 hours in advance—then you’re spending from logic and intelligence, instead of primal, addictive, irrational spending triggers.

  6. All overspending comes from a place of scarcity. When you feel abundant, your capacity to have and receive is great, and there's less of a need to spend (or not spend) in order to feel a certain way. That’s true freedom!

  7. Don’t believe your mind drama around money—it only gets in the way of more money. Focus on the MATH.

  8. Earning money has nothing to do with the time and effort you put in. Abundance comes from creating value. Be open to receiving and take personal responsibility for how much you make by truly creating value.

  9. When it comes to debt, most of us stress ourselves out unnecessarily and waste a heck of a lot of time. Debt is neutral. Make a plan to tackle it and then release your fear while your plan handles the details.

  10. When you provide value and overdeliver, you always get it back 10 fold! Giving a lot of quality to the world opens you up to receiving all the gifts the universe has to offer.

  11. Scheduling your time in advance—which determines where your energy is focused—produces higher-level results (and money). Organization of your mind and life is the key to success!

So there you have it.

If you’re struggling with money and getting the same results year after year— you’ve got to work on your mindset. The sooner the better.

I’m on a mission to help women develop and master their money mindset so that you can conquer your dreams. I dare you to jump on a mini session with me and start changing the outcome of your future today, you won’t regret doing this work, and by the way it can be super fun and exciting! You totally deserve it woman. Don’t let that mind of yours run the show. You get to be the boss, the boss of your mind and direct your future without limitations. That’s true wealth.

Lots of love and to your big, beautiful, bold dreams! They can come true!