The Key to Success is Always Courage!

The Key to Success is Always Courage!

So, what is the one thing holding you back from success?

FEAR. The dreaded feeling.

What do you need to solve for fear? COURAGE...

Every day I purposefully do something that scares "the you know what" out of me.

Because I am currently living in the French Riviera, that includes learning French, figuring out how to communicate about getting something delivered to my place, how to find the right light bulbs when all of them have burnt out, how to get my cell phone fixed, how to meet new people every day to grow my community of friends. Just to name a few.

I do something scary every day because I want to develop my COURAGE MUSCLE.

Let's Get Comfortable With Discomfort

Let's Get Comfortable With Discomfort

Often times us buyaholics, busy ourselves because we just “DO” without thinking it through. We get so caught up in all of the tasks, or that new training, and that volunteer position that we don’t focus on the big picture.

Consider that what feels important today, is just a distraction from your true dreams and desires. If you examine your to-do list you'll find that some of the items don't even need to be done!

When you get to the end of your life would you rather have used your time to focus on your dreams, what it is that really matters to you, or on your to-do list? No brainer right?