Guilt-Free Downtime

Guilt-Free Downtime

Are you feeling guilty for reading this because you are “supposed to be doing something else right now? “

If you answered yes, you may be guilty of blurring your downtime with thoughts about what you should be doing? 

The common thought I hear over and over is: “I should be doing something else.”

I know this seems like an innocent thing to think. But I've found it's one of the trickiest, undercover, joy stealing, time robbing, relationship ruining, and health risking thoughts you can have. 

It pretends to motivate, it falsely promises productivity. But it’s a total lie. It actually does the opposite. 

When you think, this thought over and over, eventually it will take over your time and your life and even if you have free time it will never feel like that because you won’t be present. You’ll be too busy being stressed about what you should be doing and you will resent all of the time in your life being about “having to get stuff done,” and this my friends will lead to a less productive and joyless life. I’ve been there.