How to Get Out of the Habit of Self-Sabotage

How to Get Out of the Habit of Self-Sabotage

Last week I talked to you about creating ONE impossible goal for 2019. Did you do the assignment? I really hope so because it’ll change your life!  

When you have a BIG goal it becomes even more important to understand the spiral of self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage defined. It’s the act of creating unnecessary problems for one’s self that interfere with your own goals.

Why Being Past-Focused is Never a Good Idea

Why Being Past-Focused is Never a Good Idea

How do you interpret your past? 

Your past is anything that’s happened up until this very moment. Be clear that all the things you’ve EVER done or not done is what you’ll use to define who you are.  

So, as this year wraps up. I wanted to help you say goodbye to the past you, the parts you didn’t like, in order to get focused on what you want to create in the New Year.  

It’s important to have rituals that support you when there’s a marker in time, so you can look at this last year and how you can learn from it, make adjustments, and move on. Please don’t dwell on what you aren’t happy about. That just won’t serve you and there’s no need to bring that into the New Year into the new you.  

These skills I will teach you here are important because you’ll learn how to define yourself by your future, instead of your past. 

The next few writings you’ll receive from me are going to get you ready to have the best year of your life so far. So keep reading and stay tuned for next week.