Sex & The City vs. Fear & Anger?

Sex & The City vs. Fear & Anger?

Are you afraid of being a doormat in your relationships? 

If so, you are probably a good-hearted person who gives so much of yourself, your time and energy in your relationships. But many times, you feel resentful when you don’t get that in return. You might even feel like a doormat at times. 

How the fire of anger and resentment take over the passion you once felt in your relationship

Anger and resentment can start to build, as you try and take care of your relationship as best you know how. You become over-scheduled, depleted and maybe even a little depressed. If this sounds familiar, you’ll relate to this vignette about Sarah’s experience and find that you can make positive changes, step by step, so that you can stop losing time feeling bad in your relationships and start feeling better and more in control today.