The 4 Most Powerful Travel Lessons For Women

The 4 most powerful lessons women learn when they travel. 

Travel Opens the Mind

Travel has a way of opening up our minds so that we can begin to see and remember that anything is possible. When we try something new, our brain changes as we form new neuropathways, or new ways of thinking

Remembering that Anything is Possible

We get so caught up in the busyness of our lives and our daily routines, that we can lose touch with what makes us happy. We may get stuck in the story of our lives, the ones that we tell ourselves over and over again. We don’t do this on purpose, it is just how the brain works.  It’s out of habit. As children, we know anything is possible, but as we become adults, we forget this truth. Travel is the best way to shake things up so we can reconnect with what really matters to us like maybe a long forgotten goal, or a part of ourselves we would like to develop.

So here are the 4 most important travel lessons for women to learn:

  1. We learn perspective on life! Because everything is new when you travel, you have to think in different ways than you do when you are at home.  You have the opportunity to view your life from the outside. You will probably identify solutions or changes to make your life back home easier, one which you might never have seen if you did not away from it all. Imagine getting to press the pause button on your life, so that you can open up to new possibilities.
  2.  Travel allows you time to recharge, renew, and replenish your soul, and re-connect with what really matters to you. In a new environment, you are afforded the opportunity to ponder your dreams, your goals, you desires. What do you want your life to look like and feel like? When we get away from it all, we can get bold, brave, and inspired, and remember to dream big.
  3.  You gain a new sense of confidence. When you travel you HAVE to try new things such as new foods, figuring out new means of transportation, perhaps new languages, and encountering lots of new people. All this newness that travel bring can be exciting. It awakens all of your senses.
  4.  Gratitude! One of my favorites. Travel helps you feel grateful for your life. When you step out of your daily routines and roles, you just may find that you appreciate yourself, your loved ones, and your life back home in a new way that you may not have been able to do if you did not get away from it all. Lastly, you start to appreciate your new way of thinking, for now you see all of the new possibilities for your life that travel has opened you up to.  

Travel if you want to transform your life right now!

You are invited to journey with me and a fabulous group of like-minded women to the South of France. The Find Your Flourish France Retreat is 9/27/15-10/3/15. Come find your Flourish and remember that anything is possible. The registration deadline is August 16, 2015, so contact me here to set up an interview.  

Tiffany Goyer provides therapy. coaching, retreats, and workshops from her base office in Sherman Oaks right in Los Angeles County. She also provides phone and Skype sessions to women around the globe.

Why You Should Retreat in the South of France!

Why You Should Retreat in the South of France!




What is the greater purpose of your life? What brings you happiness and fulfillment? How does your flourishing impact your loved ones?

This can be a hard question to answer in the midst of our own personal daily grind. We need to learn how to press the PAUSE BUTTON (where is it again?), and reconnect with what REALLY matters to us. The fastest way I know how to facilitate your connection to your deepest dreams and desires, is by taking time to retreat.

Despite what the little voices in our heads tell us, it is not selfish to have dreams and desires, or to follow your desired path. Actually, it’s just the opposite. When you live from a place of being connected to your authentic core – when you are happy and fulfilled – everyone around you benefits.

Think about it. Pause...

8 Ways Travel Heals!

8 Ways Travel Heals!

8 Ways Travel Heals!

To create the life that you were meant to live, sometimes you need to get away from it all. I want to help you create a new perspective of yourself and your life, and the best way I know how to do that is travel. 

Travel heals by helping us to:

  1. fall in love with life again.
  2. appreciate who we are, away from our daily routine.
  3. appreciate the life we do have at home.