Why You Should Retreat in the South of France!

Why You Should Retreat in the South of France! 

Why Retreat, She Asks?

What is the greater purpose of your life? What brings you happiness and fulfillment? How does your flourishing impact your loved ones?

This can be a hard question to answer in the midst of our own personal daily grind. We need to learn how to press the PAUSE BUTTON (where is it again?), and reconnect with what REALLY matters to us. The fastest way I know how to facilitate your connection to your deepest dreams and desires, is by taking time to retreat.

Despite what the little voices in our heads tell us, it is not selfish to have dreams and desires, or to follow your desired path. Actually, it’s just the opposite. When you live from a place of being connected to your authentic core – when you are happy and fulfilled – everyone around you benefits.

Think about it. Pause...

I’m committed to a world where women never forget that their dreams, goals, and aspirations truly matter.

Taking a RETREAT, a time to get away from it all to cultivate your life’s purpose, is important.

I’ve planned a fantastic RETREAT just for you to the South of France! Together, we will journey to France to shake things up! It’s my hope that each woman who comes on the retreat will learn ways to begin feeling irresistible to herself, and remember that anything is possible.

Why Retreat in the South of France?

There’s something magical about being in the South of France. When you’re there, you can’t help but embrace all of who you are. The attitude there encourages you to BE rather than DO. You can enjoy all of the things that you forget to enjoy. You can rest. You can rejuvenate. That’s what a RETREAT is all about right?

When I’m in the South of France, I feel luxuriously free without all the hustle and bustle of my life back in Los Angeles in the United States. I feel at peace, calm, and connected with what really matters to me. My life at home, and my priorities there, also become much more clear.

I’m hosting this women’s retreat in France because I want you to also experience this soul-shifting aliveness.

Your dreams matter. Always.

To join me and an amazing group of like-minded women in France contact me here, to arrange for a free 30-minute phone interview. I want to make sure that this RETREAT is the right fit for you. Hurry, the villa spaces for the retreat are almost full. I want you to experience this!

Tiffany Goyer provides therapy, coaching, retreats, and workshops from her base office in Sherman Oaks right in Los Angeles county.