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Are You Repeating the Same Old Patterns? How to Stop!

Are You Repeating the Same Old Patterns? How to Stop!

Our mind is an interesting thing. When we are young our minds are in a completely different brainwave state than when we are adults.

So until about the age of 7 or 8 years old, we download all the things that are our experiences in life and this helps to shape our personality and understand all the stimuli of life that comes our way. If our minds didn’t work like this we would be like infants all of our lives, literally seeing things for the first time ALL the time and as you can imagine we would not be able to function as adults. This does not mean our minds are set in stone because of our previous programming. 

But if you are not aware of this phenomenon you might repeat realities from the past or unhealthily blame your parents or your current partners in relationships for “triggering you,” to respond in whatever way you are conditioned to do.

Find Your Flourish France 2015: Getting Out of a Rut!

Find Your Flourish France 2015: Getting Out of a Rut!

Guest post by Lisa Franzino! I am so honored that one of the ah-mazing women from the Find Your Flourish France Retreat 2015 took time out to share her experience! Thank you so much Lisa! Your passion for life and love touched us all...

Getting Out of a Rut!

In the summer of last year, I was feeling like I was in a serious rut. I had recently completed a Raw Chef training and knew I wanted to help people but I wasn’t sure how.  I was feeling very overwhelmed by my indecision and all of my options were creating a kind of paralysis. The invitation to join the Find your Flourish retreat in France came at just the right time. The week of the retreat along with some extra “me time” that bookended the trip allowed me to step out my own inner turmoil and get down to the basics of what I was/am really after: contentment, purpose, connection with others and confidence to do whatever I choose. 

Deciding to Retreat
The retreat was set in a comfortable villa perched atop the hills of Nice. All we needed was our clothes and personal affects and everything else was taken care of. That first evening, as the other women showed up, we all got to know each other. There was a nice group of strong, accomplished women — all on a similar path to find direction, connection and “flourish”! It was easy to see right away that we would form a deep connection with each other throughout the course of the retreat.  

Our days started off with a meditation, a delicious but light breakfast and then Tiffany led us in some Kundalini yoga exercises. Everyone was at a different level of fitness from yoga newbie to yoga teacher (I am a Bikram instructor) and the Kundalini was accessible and beneficial to us all. We then had “workshop” time where Tiffany facilitated a discussion around a theme and shared tools with us to help overcome, discover and unlock. These sessions were followed by an [at least] three course meal made by our own private chef, Magali. The afternoons were filled with exploring the French Riviera and the evenings with more delicious food, conversation and bonding with our new fast friends.




My time in France taught me so many things, but the greatest life lesson I took away is that JOY is truly the purpose of life… Does this sound radical? It doesn’t have to be, but it may require some belief and attitude changes, which are not always easy, but always possible!

What if you decided to live your life as if the purpose of it was to experience as much joy as possible? What would you be doing differently, what would stay the same? What would it look like if your wildest dreams came true? Share your posts bellow.


I recently returned to Los Angeles after living in the French Riviera as an expat for two glorious months. Some would argue that this is a wild dream, but I created this opportunity for myself because I decided to take my own pleasure seriously. Give yourself permission to dream… My time there started by leading a women’s mind-body-spirit retreat that was so transformational it blew my mind. I planned to stay in the South of France after the retreat so I could experience all that French culture had to teach me, which was a lot.... As a psychotherapist and life coach who integrates yoga therapy, I am fortunate because with modern technology I can pretty much do my mentoring, therapy, and counseling work from anywhere in the world, and remain connected to my clients that come from around the globe.