How to Consciously Connect with your Soul Self

What is the “Soul Self”? It’s the authentic voice that we cover up with our ego and protective personas because we’re afraid others will judge us. It’s our instinct and our intuition. It’s the part of ourselves that already has all the answers – that can guide us toward what we really want and need.

We are born knowing our Soul Selves, but as we grow up and face criticism, disappointment, and social pressure we start to drift away. We build new personas that we hope will protect us from this harsh outer world, but in many cases they actually hold us back.

The first step to aligning with your Soul Self, and getting what you really want out of this life, is to figure out what’s holding you back. There are 8 problematic personas that might be keeping you from seeing your full potential:

The Good Girl
The Understudy
The Fixer
The Stress Ball
The Perfectionist
The Workaholic
The Tech Addict

Many of us struggle with at least one of these personas: You are not alone.

Take the quiz to find out which of these personas is covering up your Soul Self.