See if this sounds familiar ...

You are working day and night to make sure the world around you is happy. Their needs are endless and you are certain it’s your job to make it all happen. No matter how hard you work. Or, how dedicated you are ~ someone is constantly pointing out how you are not doing enough, could be doing it better, are disappointing or lacking. You’re in a trap of unhealthy confidence. 

And, you’ve lost your ability to flourish.

But, when the pressure of being enough and demands of keeping up take over, where does it ever stop? Can it all stop?

Or, a better question is: 

Are you willing to hop off of this fast moving train that keeps you sacrificing and pushing away what matters most to you? 

Are you willing YES to a dynamic life that flourishes?

When you’re pulled in so many directions by everyone else there seems to be little or no time for you ~ relationships are rattled ~ work that was once fulfilling becomes dull ~ and you’ve lost that connection to your sense of self and sensuality. Worry comes crashing in and your greatest dreams for life are lingering in the background ~ almost forgotten.

But, here’s the good news. You can find a new way. 

And that new way can be fun. It can be joyful! And, it WILL be flourishing!

You can make it easy on yourself – join the FIND YOUR FLOURISH 6-Week Transformational Program and surprise yourself with how great it can be for you and for others when you own your own happiness and step into true confidence. It’s ALL possible when you have the tools.

The Find Your Flourish 6-Week Program includes:

When you register now you will receive 6 weekly 2-hour LIVE and in-person transformational group sessions where you will join with other women to ...

• Experience ways to meditate and establish self-care skills that will empower you.

• Experience easy breath work processes to master your emotions.

• Discover how Emotional Releasing Work can help you become congruent with your dreams and goals. 

• Uncover hidden ways that unhealthy confidence keeps you from living the life you are truly meant to live.

• Learn ways to balance the 3 Relationships for Flourishment and access methods to transform the sabotaging blocks to self, others and work.

• Unlock the 4 Syndromes of Unhealthy Confidence and learn easy ways to face fear head-on to shift limiting patterns and beliefs.

• Participate in embodying lasting positive change through a unique use of yoga movement and instruction.

Plus, connect with a community of women who are interested in personal growth and transformation.

Who will attend:

  • Career professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Mothers
  • Women in Transition
  • Women in the Healing & Transformational Arts

$995 (Minimum of 8) or two payments of $550 

1⁄2 due at registration 1⁄2 due at week 2