Will I benefit from group coaching?
Group coaching is a great way to touch on things that we’re all dealing with. Maybe you’ll be surprised at how many other people are going through similar issues. It can be easier to understand your own issue when someone else is being coached because it’s not you on the hot seat. Sometimes when attention is focused on you, you have blind spots. You learn so much by hearing other people be coached. Sometimes easier to see when it’s outside of yourself.

Can I do 1:1 Coaching, too?
If you are already one of my one-on-one coaching clients, this program will help you go deeper. And the opposite is true... If you join the membership and want to dive deeper, you can always upgrade to individual one-on-one coaching.

What if I have to miss a call?
You can always submit a question before the call if you know you'll have to miss one ahead of time. Every call is recorded, and you'll have access to the archives for as long as you're in the program.