Schedule Your Free Mini-Coaching Session with Tiffany

I didn’t expect that even in our free session, that I was already going to start seeing things differently. I gained the littlest bit of confidence which felt like a miracle to me at the time.
— Katy Arrington, Bali, Indonesia

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What is a Mini Session?

It is your opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with me talking about YOU exclusively.

Most of us don't often have a chance to talk for 30 minutes straight to a caring, experienced professional, who will listen and coach us in an unbiased way... which is something our friends and family just can't provide (no matter how much they care).

On top of that, I'll send you on your way with the secret to lasting empowerment. AND a tool you can use right away with no strings attached and no weird salesy conversation.

I often hear, "But she'll try talk me into something and it's uncomfortable to say no." I will tell you about the programs I have to offer, if you decide you want to hear about them after I coach you. I'd be remiss not to because I know they are truly life changing. However, I promise I will not try and talk you into anything. This is your life and I respect that! Greatly. I just want to help you make a decision.

Are You Wondering, "Is Coaching For Me?"

Whether that answer is a yes, or a no, my goal is to help you make that decision and never look back.

If you've always wondered if coaching is for you, why not scroll back up and give a mini session a whirl? We all just wanna feel better after all!