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If you’re new to Essential Oils, already using Essential Oils, or if you’re thinking about starting a business with Essential Oils, then you’re in the right place.

Essential oils are derived from flowers, stems, seeds, roots, bark, and other parts of plants. These natural oils are "essential" in the sense that they have been distilled down to the essence of a plant's fragrance. People have been using oils for health-care, beauty treatments, and even food preparation for hundreds of years. Today, essential oils are used for a wide variety of emotional and physical wellness applications.

I'm here to help you become more comfortable with your Oils, and use them in ways that bring more Joy and Ease into your life.

Choose one of the options below that best fit your needs right now. If at any time you need help or have questions that this page doesn't answer, you can always contact me.

Purchase Essential Oils

If you simply want to  purchase Essential Oils for your own personal consumption then visit my doTerra store by clicking HERE.

Special tip for new consumers: Opening a wholesale account instead of a regular retail account allows you to 25-55% on your purchases!

  • To open a doTerra wholesale account you pay an $35 fee. It's sort of like becoming a CostCo member. Most people make the initial fee back quickly because of wholesale pricing.
  • The renewal fee is $25, and as a bonus gift, you get a free bottle of peppermint oil (retail value: $27).
  • With a wholesale account you qualify for plenty of additional benefits, like being eligible for the free Product of the Month, and the ability to earn points towards free products!

Another tip: Consider getting yourself an essential oil kit when starting out. You get a variety of oils and blends, so you will be able to use your oils in many more situations. AND, purchasing an Enrollment Kit allows you to waive the $35 wholesale account fee!

Start Your Own Essential Oil Business

How would you like to have your own business and start building the life you want? How would you like to have more financial freedom and flexibility with your time? How would you like to make money joyfully with an Essential Oils business that positively impacts other peoples lives every single day?

*If you are one of my therapy clients, please note that, unfortunately, our therapy relationship prohibits me from selling Essential Oils directly to you. If you're interested, I'd be happy to refer you to another Wellness Advocate, so you can start enjoying the benefits of Essential Oils soon! Please contact me.