From Busy to Brazen

Your Irresistible Life – 1:1 Coaching

A 12-Week Journey to Joy


What would your life look like if you truly believed that anything was possible?

What would you say yes to?

What would you say no to?

What kind of joys and pleasures would you finally allow yourself to have?

What dreams would you follow without fear to hold you back?

What would your legacy be?


This is a journey to the heart of your joy.

Each coaching session in this 12-week series builds upon the one before, gaining momentum towards making real change.

This is a program for women who tend to give more than they get.

Are you so dedicated to your job, family, and / or business that you put yourself on hold? Have you ever had one or more of the following thoughts?

“I feel overworked, but I don’t know how to stop”

“I’m not happy in my relationship, and don’t have the energy to fix it”

“I don’t have time for a relationship, but I long for passion and connection”

“I want to have more sex, better sex”

“I feel like I’ve lost my sense of self”

“I have a specific goal, but I keep putting off what I need to do to get there”

“I want more freedom in my life”

“My life feels so narrow – all I do is work”

“I don’t know what I want...but I know that something is missing”

Master Your Mindset & Reconnect with Your “Soul Self”

Your brain and your Soul Self are your most valuable tools. What is your “Soul Self”? It’s your instinct and your intuition. It’s the part of ourselves that you don’t always listen to, but that already has all the answers. Your Soul Self can guide you toward what you really want and need to manifest your ideal life.

In Your Irresistible Life we’ll work 1:1, dedicating one hour of every week to defining your Soul Goals and peeling away the ego, the doubts, and the fear to propel you towards the results you really want.


In Lesson 1, we’ll begin by diving into what it is you’re struggling with. I’ll be your extra pair of eyes to help you separate out the facts from your feelings, so we can get crystal clear on what is holding you back.


Lesson 2 is all about your feelings. I’ll show you how your feelings might be influencing the outcome of your life. We’ll dig deep to identify how you want to feel, and begin practicing how to create the feelings you want.


In Lesson 3, I’ll introduce you to the idea of “indulgent feelings”. If you don’t know what indulgent feelings are, then get excited because this will help you realize that you have the power to choose how you feel. This is an amazing skill to have: I always watch my clients have a huge light bulb moment during this session! You’ll be surprised at how much freedom you can have in your life when you realize this.

Tiffany’s caring and laser-like attention exposed everything blocking the positive changes that were ready to happen in my life. As a direct result of working with Tiffany both my job and living situations transformed from super-high-stress, to everything and everyone lining up to love and support me.
— Jen Mallinger, Seattle, Washington, USA

Live with Intention

In Lesson 4 we talk about the difference between waiting for life to happen vs. making life happen. We prepare you for what you really want to create.

Your Soul Desires

Lesson 5 is a fun one: We start The “Want” List! We make space to tap into your soul desires – the ones that you’ve been afraid to bring out into the open. I’ll help you approach this from a place of abundance rather than scarcity.

A Roadmap to Joy

We’ll dedicate Lessons 6 and 7 to creating an empowering plan. We’ll talk both 90 day goals and long-term goals. What specific results you want to achieve? What are possible obstacles? What are strategies for getting around those obstacles? We’ll cover all of those questions.

Simply Powerful Mindset Shifts

The concepts we’ll cover in Lesson 8 will seem deceivingly easy at first, but they’re the gateway to a new success-oriented perspective. We’ll practice the simple ways to restructure your thinking that will help you soar towards your goals.

Create a New Paradigm

In Lesson 9, we’ll take a close look at the thoughts that are serving you well, vs. the those that aren’t. We’ll examine any strongly held beliefs that are holding you back, and begin to replace them with more empowering beliefs.

Through Tiffany’s coaching I was able to see the way my thinking was holding me back. Since working with her I’ve been able to question my limiting thoughts and move beyond them. I’m no longer stuck! I’ve actually been taking more action and moving forward in my life and business.
— Essence Turner

Independence & Mastery

Lesson 10 is all about learning how to coach yourself. I want you to be fully empowered and independent after this program ends! With learning self-coaching, we’ll ensure that your new skills and tools can keep serving you long after the last session.


In Lesson 11, we’ll cover a few prioritization and time management techniques to help you eliminate mind chatter and overwhelm. With these skills you can keep your commitments to yourself, and keep making space for what you really want in life


Finally in Lesson 12, we’ll close out with a powerful reflective exercise to connect with your past and future selves. This session is all about establishing the momentum and focus you’ll need to continue moving through obstacles and living your life in alignment with your Soul Self.

Are You Ready to Commit to Your Soul Self?

If reading this page stirs something in you, I would love to meet you. The first step to working together is to schedule a free, no-obligation coaching session. In this 30-minute session we’ll tackle a current issue you’re facing. You’ll leave the call with more clarity, more confidence, and a list of personal action steps to get you closer to your desired results.