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If you didn't have FEAR or DOUBT to hold you back...

What would you say yes to?
What would you say no to?
What joy and pleasure would you allow yourself to have?
What dreams would you follow?
What would your legacy be?


Fall in love with yourself, and with your life.
This is what holistic coaching can do.
Are you ready to take the leap?

If you choose to join us, you will go on a journey of personal development.

We'll tackle issues such as:

  • identifying your TRUE priorities and values, so that you can take inauthentic busyness off your plate
  • the overwhelm that comes from people-pleasing, perfectionism, and the need to be a nice 
  • your money
  • your relationships, so that you can create deeper connections with yourself and others
  • getting real with your dreams and desires
  • how to conquer your goals
  • moving through negative emotions to create the feelings you DO want
  • accessing your unlimited joy
  • developing self-compassion as the form of ultimate self-care
  • developing irresistible confidence (oh my!)
  • how to solve any problem

…and any other topic you want help with.

What's included in your exclusive membership?

  • Learn a new topic every month in a virtual class taught by Tiffany
  • Attend live coaching calls where you can get coached or listen to others. (Recordings available if you have to miss a call.)
  • Submit questions online anytime in between classes
  • Ongoing access to all previous classes and calls in case you want to review
  • Be part of a community of like-minded women

Will You Join Us?

This is important work. This is your life.  And it's happening right now.  The most amazing thing about this program is it will change your life for the better, forever. You can't unlearn what you will learn here. You will feel better. Once you learn these tools you can apply them to any problem in your life. You can feel more in control and truly happy about who you are, and the life you are leading. 

If reading this page stirs something in you, lean into that intuition.

Let me help you have an irresistible life. Let go of the struggle. I'm your coach. I got you! Together we'll tap into your flourish, tap into your brazen. What brings you true joy? What would it mean to "Find Your Flourish"? What does your deepest self desire? Let's do this together!