Words to Flourish By

The tenets below are what I want to be true for every woman in the world. I wrote these to remind myself of my authentic core, to stay connected to my intuitive self. Some days it's easy to live by these words, and other days I am painfully tested.

These words help me to embrace being a woman – and a human – in this sometimes messy, unpredictable world.

They help me to reconnect with that deep sense of knowing that if I have that relationship to myself, then all the rest of my life will be OK, that anything is possible, and that I can maneuver through the emotions of my life. I am able to count on myself as the resilient woman I know I am, whether Life’s waves are gently rocking me or crashing over me tumultuously.

Today this Declaration is the foundation of the whole Find Your Flourish™ Program.


* * *

I am Powerful

I stand in my truth.

I express my true voice. And, stand in my value.

I am proud to be a woman.

It is natural and healthy that I feel a range of emotions.

I ask for what I need.  And, I can say no.

I am my first priority.


I am Enough

I am not afraid to be loved by others.

I am not afraid to be seen for who I really am.

I am surrounded by people who

uplift, inspire and appreciate me.

I allow myself time to replenish

my energy and my enthusiasm for life and

rejoice in my sensuality.

I create time to cultivate a sense of

inner peace and well-being.





I am okay being alone.

I am worthy of and willing to receive a healthy relationship.

I find it easy to ask for help.

I acknowledge and confidently share my gifts and talents.

I easily allow my life’s true work to take shape and form.

Every day I celebrate taking small steps to my big vision.



I embrace the rewards of receiving.

I realize my power in my ability to collaborate

and delegate and welcome the gifts of others.

I let go and let it flow.

I relinquish the feeling that I need to fix everything.

I find perfect in my imperfection.

And say goodbye to guilt and shame

to embody and live my flourish.

* * *


Declare it. Live it. Find Your Flourish.