I decided to hire Tiffany because, at the time, I was miserable in a lot of areas of my life.

I didn’t expect that even in our free session, that I was already going to start seeing things differently. I gained the littlest bit of confidence which felt like a miracle to me at the time.

I’m blown away with how my relationship with myself has improved, which then improved literally everything else in my life.

My favorite part about coaching with Tiffany is that I believe I’m learning from the best. Tiffany is a mind ninja. Her questions and laser focus and intuition are INSANE! I’ve just started my own coaching business and I cannot ask for a better mentor. Working with her has totally improved my coaching and my own self-coaching.
— Katy Arrington, Bali, Indonesia

12-weeks will definitely be extended to 18.

Tiffany was able to dive in with me to so many areas of my life that are shifting, and I appreciate that about her. I like that she can coach me on everything including business and private practice.

I’ve seen a lot of change and growth in the last 3 months with my commitment to this work in combination with everything else I’m doing to shift my life.

I highly recommend coaching with Tiffany, especially if you are currently too overwhelmed/busy and not living the life you truly want.
— Lauren Cash, Los Angels, California, USA

essence turner.jpg
Through Tiffany’s coaching I was able to see the way my thinking was holding me back. Since working with her I’ve been able to question my limiting thoughts and move beyond them. I’m no longer stuck! I’ve actually been taking more action and moving forward in my life and business.
— Essence Turner

Jen Mallinger.jpg
Tiffany’s caring and laser-like attention exposed everything blocking the positive changes that were ready to happen in my life. As a direct result of working with Tiffany both my job and living situations transformed from super-high-stress, to everything and everyone lining up to love and support me.
— Jen Mallinger, Seattle, Washington, USA

Gina Quevedo.png
Working with Tiffany was such an opportunity for me because thanks to her skills as a therapist and as a coach I could discover the “corners” of my mind that needed to be cleaned and re-arranged. Once I understood limits that I was imposing on myself, everything changed. Before working with her, I was struggling to pay my debts but now...I even started saving! I feel so grateful and relieved that Tiffany was guiding me through the process.
— Gina Quevedo, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico