How Can a Community Coaching Call Help Me Get Unstuck Right Now?

What's a Community Coaching Call anyway?

It's something I do monthly, virtually, and you are ALWAYS invited. There's no cost, I just want you to learn how to feel unstuck right now. Read on...

What would your life be like if anything was possible?  

If you didn't have FEAR or DOUBT to hold you back...

    What would you say yes to?

    What would you say no to?

    What joy and pleasure would you allow yourself to have?

    What dreams would you follow?

    What would your legacy be?

Please don’t sit feeling overwhelmed, discouraged or thinking “it’s  just the way it is” about your busy life and schedule, or whatever you are struggling with. 

I work with so many women who come to me feeling like their life is running them and they just can’t get in front of it. They’re successful, and they are exhausted. Not feeling the joy associated with their success however they define that for themselves. 

Monthly I offer a Free Coaching Call to my community and I love it!  You will too!

I love connecting with you, hearing about your successes, helping you unblock what’s between you and happiness or freedom or whatever feeling it is that feels out of reach right now.    

These calls are very low key. You can just listen if you want, or write in ahead of time and get coached.

The calls are focused on coaching all of those who attend and are interested. And I hear feedback from the community that, even when they attend and just listen to others being coached, they learn too. They get insights into their own life. So cool.

Here’s what happens...

I open the call and welcome the community. I give an overview of “The Model,” which is a tool that WILL work on any problem you’re facing. And I mean ANY problem. And then we get down to it. There’s laughing, there’s hard stuff and there is relief that comes in being coached through where you’re currently at.  

It's hard to see our own problems a lot of the time, and even harder to see the solutions.

Often a coach will have a perspective that it’s hard to have for ourselves.   That's what's so great about these calls. I coach myself and I still get coached by others, because there is HUGE freedom that comes from having someone sit, focused entirely on you, and explore what is going on in your brain. What you’re thinking and why.   

Attend one or attend several and see what the power of a community of women gathered together can help you create in your own life. 

I do these calls every month.  I look forward to them every month. And I’d love to have you join us!     

Topics we cover —

  • Identifying your TRUE priorities and values, so that you can take inauthentic busyness off your plate
  • The overwhelm that comes from people-pleasing, perfectionism, and the need to be a nice
  • Your money
  • Your relationships, so that you can create deeper connections with yourself and others
  • Getting real with your dreams and desires
  • How to conquer your goals
  • Moving through negative emotions to create the feelings you DO want
  • Accessing your unlimited joy

Register here to join us for September!

And don't get freaked out about the technology part. Zoom, is so easy to use. From your computer or phone, you just click on the link and it takes you to the meeting. Just one click of a button and you're there.

You can show me your beautiful face, or you can turn your video off ahead of time. Email me with any questions about this. Don't let this stop you from coming, please!! :)

Seriously, coaching and beginning to use The Model in your life WILL change your life. What you are seeking is closer than you think.

I'll see you on Saturday, September 30 at 9 am (PST).