Don't Waste One More Minute When Your Brain Tells You, "You Can't Do Hard Things". It's a Lie.

First things first, if you have been secretly worried that you may be incompetent that’s not it. That thought is a brain error! Repeat brain error! 

It’s not your fault that you keep starting and stopping or get into full-blown freeze mode when you try new or hard things, it’s your brain’s fault.  

Your brain is well-intentioned. Your brain's wired to protect you from danger. It doesn't want you to try new or hard things. It thinks you could die. It's programmed to protect you from being eaten by the next wild animal that comes around. It tries to conserve your energy at every turn in case of an emergency. But last time I looked no wild animal was out to get us anymore. Unless you are vacationing somewhere exotic and get lost from the crowd. This used to be a good thing because it kept our species going and allowed us to survive. But now it doesn’t serve us.  

You need to be onto yourself! Pronto! If you want to create more time and productivity in your life OR anything for that matter! 

Now our brain keeps us from learning new technology we need to understand for our businesses, writing a blog, starting a new project, taking a class and being deathly afraid of the instructor’s critique, making a sales call, dating someone new, or communicating a disappointment with your love, meeting new friends in a new environment, even going to yoga class when you love yoga.  

Your brain is the best salesman in the world.  

You're not gonna die, but your brain will try and sell you on this idea. You can listen but you won't move forward or become the next best version of yourself.  

You gotta be willing to feel uncomfortable to get it all done and make more time for yourself.  

More time to do with what you’d genuinely like to do with your life.  

I was on a mini-session with a client last week. Like many of us busyaholics she had a parent who was a workaholic who she never felt like she could measure up to. She’s had her own business as an acupuncturists and all was going great until her tech assistant quit and she had to upload some video she made for her clients on her own. She was freaking out. Can you relate? I know I’ve been there before.  

I told her about her brain trying to sell her on how she can’t do “hard things.” I told her that when we hung up I wanted her to take 30 minutes and figure out how to get that video up on her site and report back to me.  

Just so she could have the experience of understanding that’s she capable of doing “hard things” and figuring it out.  

She reported that she’d got the job done. It was quick and under pressure too, but with not a lot of mind drama… aka her brain telling her that she’d die. Which was getting her stuck inaction. 

What are you putting off that you want to get done? 

What if you did what my client did? 

Upload your own video… or whatever your one thing is that your brain’s trying to sell you on that you can’t do.

Do it now.  Do it anyways. Do it no matter what.

Do you realize how much time and energy you will create in your life?? 

You don’t have to wait until you feel like doing it, or at some magical time when it feels right and you feel confident enough. Just go do it and report back to me. You’ll see how frigging amazing it feels to just do it. And how when you do this enough the confidence just comes naturally. 

You won’t know how to do it and that’s ok, you’ll figure it out. And just like that, BAM… you’ll know how to do it.  

Shoot me an email and report back to me what you made happen!  

So you see you’ve just gotta be onto your brain. Talk back to it. "Thanks, brain but I'm gonna do it anyway. I'm willing to feel uncomfortable to live an intentional life."  

"Thanks for the warning. I know you're doing your job to keep me safe, but I'll risk it." 

I'm not gonna pull the sheets over my head, or sit down and get on Facebook right now, and hide out and play small like you're trying to sell me on. With everything I feel uncomfortable doing I'm gonna do it anyway because I know this is the way I grow, this is the way I become the next best version of myself. I know being uncomfortable is the currency to my dreams." 

Dont waste one more minute.png

What's your brain trying to sell you on? Will you be sold on it unknowingly? Or are you willing to do things that make you a little or a lot uncomfortable for the sake of making more time for your goals and dreams?  

Your brain is the best salesperson in the world, but you're on to yourself. Do it, make it happen, this is your beautiful life and you're amazing.