The Best Stocking Stuffer Hands Down: Your Internal GPS System.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had an internal GPS system? Well, you do. All I want for Christmas is an Internal GPS.

'Tis the Season to Breathe.

Did you know that you can use the wisdom of your body to guide you in decision making? From what outfit to wear today, to what man to marry and more! 

On average, we make ~35,000 decisions a day! A day!!!! 

No wonder we feel so tired. And if you are indulging in worry and confusion, it's no wonder you are overwhelmed. The problem is that most of us don't realize we are indulging in any feeling. We just feel like our circumstances are responsible for our feelings, and sometimes we even feel like victims of our own minds gone wild. But if you work with me you know that it is always your thoughts that cause your feelings, not your circumstances.

Don't take this lightly... 

This is the best gift and news I could ever give you. Because it means you are in control! You are in the drivers seat of your life! If you don't know how to take control, get involved in one of my trainings, coaching programs and/or free monthly coaching calls. I am here for the taking. I will help you. Make 2018 the best yet. 

The holiday are upon us. Most of my clients are very stressed during this time. It can be such a busy time, and though it’s always important to quiet the mind and feel into the body, it’s especially important when life outside ourselves get hectic. 'Tis the season, no?

"Mission Control, this is Operation Haywire, my mind is on overdrive, but my body is no where to be found. What do I do?"

Our minds and bodies are huge sources of guidance and information for us. It’s more typical that we find ourselves operating primarily from our mind, working so hard to “figure it out” or “think it through.”


Both are totally helpful exercises but, without the body’s wisdom, your mind can have you running and running on a hamster wheel, thinking and overthinking a decision because you’re not anchored.

When we do this we’ve left our body, and are running our life from the chin up. Or trying to.  Getting in touch with the body can anchor you like nobody's business. It's great.  

You know those electronic games that require batteries? You can pick up the device and push all the buttons and shake it a little to try to get it to work, and it might do a little, it might make some noise, but for the device to FULLY work, you need batteries. Our lives are the same way. To get the most out of our lives, we should have a label that reads “bodies required.”

Listen to your body, it's messages are your internal GPS.  

Yep, use your body and the sensations you have to guide you. Your body's wisdom is your internal GPS. Guiding you with little hints here and there. Sometimes with GIANT signals, like a stomach in knots, when you feel all choked up, when you get sick after too much work, a headache, a flutter in your heart, etc. etc. Your job is to LISTEN. Listen closely and understand what your body is telling you. Do you need to stop, quite a job, quite a relationship, mend a relationship, forgive, take more time for self-care, work on an abundant mindset with regard to time, and money? If your body had something to tell you today, what would the message be? Think about this and write it down. 

Let the body anchor the mind.  

When we are busy and everything feels hard, and like a chore, tuning into the body and what the body wants can lead you in the right direction. Without our mind-body connection, we’re left with very busy brains, running to sort things out. I can almost physically feel it when I’m operating from just my head, it feels heavy, like a lot of information circling around in tumultuous weather conditions that are causing a storm in my mind-- there is no clarity in sight. Confusion attacks, and the what should I do's take on a mind of their own. 

So how do I use my internal GPS to guide me, to be my compass, to send me on the right path?

I use one of Martha Beck’s tools called The Body Compass to help people tune into what their true self really wants in every decision they make — big and small.  

So this season I want to offer you a stocking stuffer. A quick and easy practice that will take no longer than 15 seconds, and will help calm your mind and begin to get you in touch with your body wisdom. 

Tis the Season to Breathe.png

So here you go: I want you to breathe. 

  • Close your eyes.
  • Take 3 deep breaths. 
  • Follow the air coming in through your nose, and down into your body.
  • And follow your out-breath as you exhale through your nose.
  • Then just notice how your body feels.
  • What is the message it has for you right now? How can you use this wisdom to guide yourself on your one true path? Not the perfect path, but the one that is just right for you, with all the twists and turns that are designed to make you flourish and be more aligned with who you really are, with the fabulous person you already are! 

Fifteen seconds a day, and this exercise will begin to help you connect with your body. To become aware of, not just what you’re thinking but, what you’re feeling, what the sensations in your body are trying to tell you. Over time, you’ll find that a quiet starts happening when you do this. Your mind settles a bit and choices and decisions become easier, clearer. That is your GPS. It is available for you anytime you ask for it's guidance. 

We’ll talk more about the gift and power of our mind-body connection in future blogs.  In the meantime, I wish you all very happy holidays with R&R time for your mind and your body.

'Tis the season to breathe, friends.